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DEATH OBITUARY : Bruce Hampton , Collapses and died on stage

 Atlanta (CNN)Death came for Bruce Hampton as he celebrated his 70th birthday doing what he did best -- jamming on stage.

Hampton, known as the "granddaddy of the jam scene," collapsed on stage while rocking out Monday night during a concert held in his honor in Atlanta.
His agent, Micah Davidson of Midwood Entertainment, confirmed to CNN that the musician died. He gave no further details.

People are paying tribute on social media.

 true musical intention and purity above all else. Those of us who were present felt the importance of this moment in time not knowing the finality of this performance. It was an evening of incredible music, improvisational spontaneity and smiles, both on stage and in the audience. Our musical guru challenged us all and made us focus on what was at the root of musical expression and how to understand the importance of time, tone, and space in a way that has the ability to connect with everyone. We can only take solace in the fact that he was truly surrounded by loving friends and family, honoring his contribution to music and art when he passed. It was a dramatic and poetic ending to the life of a man whose entire way of living was an art form, but cannot mitigate the sadness of all who loved him. He will be missed and always remembered.

Woke up to the news today that the legendary Col. Bruce Hamptoncollapsed onstage last night toward the end of his 70th Birthday Tribute Concert at the Fox Theater and died shortly thereafter. I am in shock. This man was a titan. When I started the band, No Walls, in 1988, with Matt Cowley and Hank Schroy, we were privileged - EXTREMELY privileged - to become close with Bruce Hampton's Aquarium Rescue Unit during the late eighties and early nineties. Their full flower as a band coincided with our own. We played many shows together in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Those remain some of the greatest shows that I ever played (or ever witnessed) in my entire career as a musician. Many of the guys in the ARU were about our age - Oteil BurbridgeJeff Mosier, Jeff Sipe, etc. We all loved one another. And we ALL loved Bruce. He was like a sage and a father figure to us. I SO wish I had been at the Fox last night. But, as many of the legendary musicians who were there have already stated, if Bruce had to go, one cannot imagine a better setting for him to make his exit. Surrounded by friends who loved him playing amazing music in TRIBUTE to him. I'm sending my love out to Bruce Hampton and to all my friends in the music community who loved him as I did. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the lessons. And thank you for the JOY you brought to my life and to the world.

Crystal Hilla Someone died in this video! It is disrespectful to show it! Any video that leaks of people that are shot and killed or dying shouldn't be out in the media! Now if he collapsed and was fine that is one thing but come on!
D'neen Love When TMZ posted Michael Jackson's deceased body, I then knew they were capable of anything, so them posting this horrific video of this man's last breath is not a surprise Coming from them

Christina Arevalo This is soo sad may he rip. I can't believe you guys would post something like this, you guys are ver disrespectful

Toni Casarano All you people talking about it's so disrespectful to show this video.. Where is this type of disgust when stations are showing bombings and chemical weapon attacks is Syria and other places.. And they're showing all the men women and children dead all...See More

Shantel Williams What in the world?!?!??! Maybe if someone would have stopped and actually DID SOMETHING !!! Maybe he could have had a chance to live!!!!!! I am so confused

Robert Henry Ever see WWYD with John Quinones? They all just failed. And this wasn't staged. No pun intended. Wtf! Especially the person whose feet he's lying on😞

Pedro Outten Most likely went out like he wanted too from looking at the video he felt something happing and he was calling the guitarist up to play his solo and in entertainment the show must go on. #RIP to him and condolences to his family

Jannel Humphrey Sad but at lest he died doing something he loved which is a lot more then most people will get to in the end...

Julie Vizzini So messed up! No one gave a crap he lunged forward reaching for the ground. I only hope someone comes to my rescue. Jerks! And as for your tmz this really is low of you to post the last seconds of this poor mans life. You really aim to do this on a daily.

Kevin Babcock It's never above TMZ to grasp the lowest hanging fruit. The level of disregard for this man's family is astonishing. What comes around goes around.

Rita Ree Ree Johnson This video is very sad, I honestly don't know how anyone could really think that was apart of the performance because it sure doesn't look like it  Truly heartbreaking RIP!

Suzanne Sirianni Tracy  so sad broke my heart to see this ....all you can say is this is a person loving what he did until the very last breath .....this touched me so much .

Samantha Ratti It's not totally respectful to post a video of someone dying, but in all reality, we're one of few generations in earth's history that is this sensitized to people just dropping dead. It happens. It's the only guarantee in life.
Amy Grant What a way to go... Doing what you love best, surrounded by friends and family and hundreds of adoring fans. On your 70the birthday. Keep jamming in the clouds, Col!!!!
Melissa H. Carrasco It's just sad that times have change, old days they will rush to help, now days they think is just part of the show while they are dying and ppl taking video .... maybe he could've lived if instead of keep playing they would've giving him CPR... but well, when it's your time, it's your time

Johanna L Aguilar Oh my. ❤️ This is an amazing way for him to go. Moments of glee and joy right before his last breath. Asking the guitarist to come in closer. RIP jamming and smiling from heaven

Brenda Marks-Brim That's completely wrong of you to show a video. Terrible decision!!!!! Be more professional and have some compassion!!!!RIP COL BRUCE HAMPTON🙏🙏
Warren Barr There's a longer clip circulating online where the bass player takes his wallet afterwards when he thinks nobody is looking. He's been charged and released.
Azuree Forney So disturbing. I don't know him but this is sad af. And I don't understand why they just kept playing?!!!! Poor guy. Prayers for him and his family

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