Thursday, January 5

DEATH OBITUARY : Cel Revuelta, former Black Flag bassist, dies from brain cancer

Former Black Flag bassist Cel Revuelta has died, according to a report from Metal Sucks.

Revuelta was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor last July. In February, his family set up a GoFundMe to assist with medical costs.

On Thursday, the GoFundMe page was updated with the news that Revuelta had died on May 3:

GoFundMe page to help with his medical & funeral costs:https://www.gofundme.com/cel-revuelta


Evan Marshall my condulances to the family. Ill share for his donation. i wish i was in the position to donate right now. His burial should be free anyway since he is who he is.

Michael Mc Cormack A man passed and all you butthurt people, saying write a check. Lol he didn't even start the go fund me page. Open the link before you open your mouth....

Brandy Culpepper Seriously??? Some of these comments are so low class! Sorry for your loss Henry

Melanie DGreenwood It's also a gofundme page started by his family apparently. He probably had a shitload of medical bills in top of funeral expenses. so he posted a link to help the family. You don't know what he did or didn't donate to them. don't want to donate? Don't. just sit on FB and bitch about it, I guess.

Ryan James Terry As for the shite comments : https://en.wikipedia.org/.../List_of_Black_Flag_band... that's a lot of cheques to eventually write.

Arijit Basu Sorry to hear. I'm still skeptical why the richer band mates can't do this for a fallen mate instead of a gofund. I thought you were above the rest, Rollins.

Mark Ezovski Any fun/cool stories about him? Love what Sim Cain said about him. Basically such a presence that he'd stop the ladies in their tracks. No bs, no scamming, no games, just his personal vibe.

Mario van Meer My condolences. I hope he had a good life and did not suffer long. This is pretty weird news, yesterday night I wrote you an email about how your music pulled me through my brain tumor surgery a few days ago and now I wake up and read this. RIP Cel.

Doc James And if Henry is worth 12 million dollars or whatever God bless him the man puts the rubber to the road he puts the fist to the jaw he fucking earns it he doesn't take any shit he doesn't turn down a gig he fucking earns it. He doesn't come to fuck around he comes to bring it and he fucking earns it

Damien Ross Made me think of that story you told on a spoken word disc decades ago called "Peach."
"She's a fuckin man Cel!!!" He bummed.
Karen MacLean Blancq For all we know Henry may be willing to match what they raise on the GoFundMe - who the hell knows - either way a man has died, his family and friends have lost someone near and dear and most on here choose to bash Rollins - wow, RIP, Cel....
Bradford Pomeroy The story about "Peach" that involves Henry & Cel is a classic. I heard him tell it live and it's also on Big Ugly Mouth if memory serves. RIP.

Adam Vanderpluym You know Black Flag was about the only band on Earth it's age with all its members still among us. Cel has the sad distinction of being the first Black Flag member to pass. Hopefully not again anytime soon.
Shelley Hooper Rock and roll is a rough road, if you get through with more than a rock in your shoe, why is it automatically on you to pony up for everything? Henry is alive and whole and for that I'm very grateful. Condolences to Cel and his family. Expecting Henry ...See More
Brandon Sideleau Wow, people will complain about anything. How do any of you know what Henry donated? What do any of you even know about the relationship he had with C'el. They may not have even seen eachother in decades. The point is- you don't know. So quit chastisi...See More
Kellie Cremer Very cold. Perhaps a comment on this man's life would have been kinder. He was a person not a two sentence post.
Val Trevino Sorry for our lose and condolences. I'll do it . Ok it always hurts. All those assholes want something in return. I hope I see this losers in the real world . If you know what I mean. Sincerely Val.
Todd A Plesco Best wishes to Cel's family and friends. Hang in there. Here's a pic of Henry and Cel once upon a time in Detroit

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