Friday, January 6

DEATH OBITUARY : Caleb Lee, 9-Year-Old Dies From Injuries After Accident Outside St. Louis Airport

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – One of two children who were hospitalized after an accident outside St. Louis Lambert International Airport that stemmed from a police chase has died.

Caleb Lee, 9, injured after stolen car crashed into his family's vehicle as they were leaving Lambert Arpt, has died. Police seeking updated charges against 2 juvenile suspects.

Normandy police had picked up the license plate of a car that had been carjacked at gunpoint in St. Louis city early that morning.

Police chased the car to the St. Louis airport, where the suspect vehicle collided with the car the children were in as it was leaving the airport.

Caleb and another boy, 5, were hospitalized in critical-unstable and critical-stable condition, respectively.

People are paying tribute on social media.

I'm so heartbroken to share with you all that Caleb Lee passed this morning as a result of the injuries he sustained in a tragic and senseless car accident last week. Please let your prayers and positive energies blanket his family and loved ones.
Please also consider contributing to the Lee Family's GoFundMe campaign. Thank you so much to my friends who already have given. We may not be able to take away the horrific pain this family is experiencing but perhaps we can help them move forward with less financial burden.

Laura Gramenz Prayers to this boys family. Those teenagers who ran from the police need to be charged as adults and have vehicular homicide added now.
Michael Brown This is sad but the blame lays on the criminals running from police, not the officer who merely tried to initiate a traffic stop on a stolen vehicle.
Erinn Mercer-Winberry I completely support police.. Normally however. There should not have been a high speed chase at an airport for the exact reason as to what happened. To many innocent lives around to take into account. It wasn't worth the a life. So sad this happened. Prayers to family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
SarahnDenny PetersRoedel I saw an interview from dad last week. He was saying they aren't even all together. Mom was with the boy while they did cpr but then they took her to a different hospital where she's now in a full body cast and alone because the boys are in in a different hospital. This is such an awful emotional mess for everyone. My heart aches for this family  I just couldn't even try to imagine
Joyce Banovz I hope the criminals are charged with among other charges, MURDER. Sorry for this family and nothing can make this all go away. People teach your children not to disobey the laws. Nothing good ever becomes from it. And now this family is suffering so very much. And no, I do not blame the police.
Geri Lea There is a GoFundMe for the Lee family's medical expenses - and now funeral expenses. So sad. This family is in the Mehlville School District where I live.
SarahnDenny PetersRoedel I hope mom stays strong  it has to be so hard to know your child died without you at his side. She wanted to be there so bad but her injuries were just too much
Sue Templeton Froeschner So sorry for the family. I hope these boys are tried as adults and sent to prison for a very long time. It's obvious they didn't care about the safety of the community.
Dorothy Davis This is sad on SO MANY levels. My heart aches for this family. May God Rest your little young soul, Caleb. Praying for healing, peace and justice for the family. God Bless you all.
Davie L Hancock Prayers to them and the family. Why most they run like that the ending is never good especially when you take someone's life
Leslie Gregory Omg soo sad now those young punks who stole the car need to be charged with manslaughter among other charges but i guess it will be the cops fault . Praying for the family
Valerie Evans Cronk I have a question abd dont nean to be out line but...where the kids restrined. The car doesnt look that bad . Was he in belt he would be ok
Lizzy Griswell Either way no matter of your opinion or politics a child was killed point blank. God bless his family and prayers be with them. Fly high baby angel RIP.
Lisa Phillips Horrific little innocent boy slammed into never should of happened. These scumbags need to be charged. Rip sweet baby
Bart Truitt Horrible and tragic consequence. Also sad to see how the media is spinning this...the criminals are the ones who caused this, not the police
Debbie Lewis Harbin So sad, can't even imagine?! Praying Mom and the rest of the kids heal both physically and mentally!! Fly high little guy ❤️😘🙏🏻

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