Thursday, January 5

DEATH OBITUARY : Bridget Thompson, UGA student dies in accident on GA 10 Loop

A University of Georgia student died following a pedestrian accident on the Georgia State Route 10 Loop early Friday morning.
Bridget Thompson, 19, from Grayson was a senior studying Spanish and microbiology.
The Oconee County Sheriff's Office responded to a 9-1-1 call at around 3:50 a.m. in regards to a wrong-way driver, Georgia State Patrol said to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a statement.
“While en route, Oconee County advised that there was a single vehicle crash east of the intersection on the Ga. 10 Inner Loop,” the GSP said to the AJC. “As a GSP trooper responded to the scene, 911 advised they had received two calls that there was a pedestrian walking away from the crash scene, towards the Ga. 15/U.S. 441.”

on their universal health care that we don't have and won't ever have if your side gets its way.
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Portia Mckee
Portia Mckee Thank you for your sincerity, President Trump. I got so sick of Obama's b.s. speeches. He couldn't speak without a teleprompter. I know you now use one, but you make personal remarks as well. Beautiful speech.
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Christine Alden Williams
Christine Alden Williams You told the Prime Minister that Australia has much better health care than we do. They have universal health care. You pushed through a health care plan that is just the opposite, pointing out just how clueless you are. It would be laughable if it didn't affect so many Americans.
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Saven Mi
Saven Mi Who all is thankful to President Trump for being a man of his word, and doing exactly what he said he was gonna do?
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Jane Coon
Jane Coon We appreciate how you share all your meetings and events with us President Trump! You have such class! You are so refreshing and honest with the American people and our best president ever!
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Phil Vogler
Phil Vogler Trumpcare was nothing more than a personal vendetta of the narcissistic Donald Trump to destroy everything that Obama brought to the USA. It will hurt millions of Americans and give the Democrats fuel to rid the country of Trump. The costs are in human lives .... sad!
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Cris Graham
Cris Graham Thank you for all your hardwork President Trump! Thanks to all the Republicans that voted!!! We have the card but can't afford the care... Just too expensive!!!
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Neil Sheesley
Neil Sheesley You said they have better health care than us. Why can't we have Univesal Heath care? Because it's all about the profits. There is nothing Christian about you!
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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson And you admitted that their Single Payer Health Care system is much better than our health care system. Why don't you push for that instead of the crap bill the GOP has on the table now? Oh wait... to many special interests in the insurance industry. Let's not let people dying get in the way of their profits.
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Rebecca S Davidge
Rebecca S Davidge Yea I saw the part where you complimented him on his better healthcare coverage. Yup that's called universal healthcare, but instead of providing better coverage you ripped it away from people. Bye bye Donnie 2020
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Michelle Mattox
Michelle Mattox You can learn from their healthcare. It seems we now feel healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Universal healthcare can have many problems..look at Canada. Their doctors and nurses work in America. Ever wonder why we have so many foreign doctors? Think about it..
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Paul Doudle
Paul Doudle I wish we had a Donald Trump running Australia instead of the pathetic excuse of a man we have now. Malcolm Turnbull is a weak and dishonest man.
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Mark Perry
Mark Perry Thank you Mr President , Mr Trump for being yourself and for learning the ways of an American representative, you have sacrificed much, from massive wealth to privacy to public criticism to not being near the ones you call family, I see your great deed...See More
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Kathy Berry
Kathy Berry What trumpcare does is move people with preexisting conditions out of the insurance market so that insurance companies can 'take care of' only healthy people. Who wouldn't want to run a business where you get paid to do as little as possible?
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Stacey VanHelsing
Stacey VanHelsing I love waking up in the mornings knowing we have a man in charge who cares about our courntry. God bless you and God bless America.
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Phil Harper
Phil Harper "You have better health care than we do" - yeah, it's called Universal Health Care. You know... the exact opposite of the health care bill you and your rich mates just pushed through. You and your clueless supporters make me wonder about the sanity of human kind.
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Laura Marie
Laura Marie At least with this recent debacle, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that you will absolutely be a one-termed President (if you even make it that long.) RIP GOP 2018-2020. 
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David Tomek
David Tomek Our Prime Minister bagged you out and called you a joke during your presidential campaign. He's now eating humble pie and kissing your #%£. Don't trust him. He'll be gone soon anyway 
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Brenda A Stinson-Macek
Brenda A Stinson-Macek I'm so proud of you, Pres. Trump. You got us an awesome Justice of the Supreme Court and our Religious Freedoms back. If you did nothing else, you've earned my vote. May God give you strength, good health and wisdom to Make America Great Again.
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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Good to see our Primeminister in Alliance with President Trump. Ive just grown an enormous respect for Primeminister Malcolm Turnbull, there might be a heart for us Australian people in him.
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Cathy Gonzalez
Cathy Gonzalez I am so proud of our President. I haven't been able to say that in such a long time. And I'm proud of the First Family...wow.
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Patricia Se
Patricia Se Incredible speech last night Sir. You continue to inspire the masses. Much respect. Oh, and the beautiful First Lady Melania looked STUNNING last night <3 font="">
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Kika Garcia
Kika Garcia Mr President, if it's good enough for Australians , why isn't it good enough for us. Do you even understand the repeal? Does that mean we should all move to Australia so we can afford Health Care?
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Amy Callaway
Amy Callaway I will really enjoy watching your followers lose their healthcare. Watching you put through a bill that no one read or did the numbers says a lot about what a mess you are. Thankfully I will benefit from your idiot bill. Most of your followers will lose. Bigly.
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Randy Teague
Randy Teague Thank you President Trump, unemployment rate lowest
In 10 years. You created more jobs in your first 100 days then Obama, Bush and Clinton. Keep up the great work!
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Robert Rugenstein
Robert Rugenstein Excellent job on destroying health care in this country. Will you and the 317 congress men be giving up your government provide health care? You should be ashamed of what you did yesterday. 2018 and 2020 can't get hear fast enough.

By the way did you even read the bill? Because I thought you had to read it to know what's in it.

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