Wednesday, January 4

DEATH OBITUARY : Alexa Flores , 15-year-old Sandra Day O'Connor student dies after Peoria crash

A 15-year-old girl who was on life support following a crash that injured three other teens Wednesday morning in Peoria has died, police said.

Alexa Flores,  was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, according to the Peoria Police Department.

Alexa and three of her Sandra Day O'Connor High School classmates — two 16-year-old girls and one 14-year-old girl — were involved in the crash just after 7 a.m. Wednesday in a residential neighborhood near 67th Avenue and Jomax Road.

All four were taken to hospitals; only one of them remained there Thursday afternoon, according to Officer Brandon Sheffert, a Peoria police spokesman.


This morning four amazing young women from our church were in a tragic car accident. Sweet Alexa lost her life due to injuries sustained in the crash. Please consider helping this family in any way with funeral expenses. We are all so lucky to have the support system of our community around us so let's surround this grieving family with love as they endure this unimaginable tragedy.

Monica J. Gonzales I say goodbye to my daughter every morning when she drives to school with her friends not thinking twice about it. I will give her extra hugs tomorrow. This makes you remember how lucky you are and how brief life is. Treasure your loved ones. So sorry for their loss.
Angela Reed My son is a freshman with her and the whole school is devasted -all I can think about is her parents -I can't imagine losing one of my four children -
Angie Glombowski This is heartbreaking!! When I was a teenager I lost some real close friends too and it's just devastating. My first bf was murdered, had one lost in a motorcycle accident, just very sad. Prayers for this young lady's family.
Chivastian Adame Jimenez Now the driver ran a stop sign. Will she be charge with manslaughter or face any charges. I know she's a teen as well at 16 years old. What's the full report was she on her phone?? Teens these days need strict and harder laws.
Judy Hai Wolf Instead of worrying about if her bestfriend will be charge why dnt you just pray for them all. I'm sure she didn't wake up and plan for this to happen. I'm sure she is lying in the hospital crying and wishing it was her and not her bestfriend. She is 16years old and accident happen daily.
Debbie Pounds I have lost a daughter. Her birthday is tomorrow. I know this pain. She was a born again Christian so I know where she is & that one day we will be together for eternity. I serve an amazing & risen Savior. My prayers are with her family! God's GRACE is good . Only He can get you through this storm!
Barbara Abrams Buscemi How heartbreaking. To lose your life so young, to lose your child. It is not right.
I am scared every time I drive. People in a rush, no defensive driving, texting, talking on the phone, thinking they are the only people on the road. And that sun is ho
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Kristin Louise Thoughts and prayers to Alexa Flores and her family, the families and other girls in the accident and the gentleman who was the driver of the other car. I can only imagine how they ALL feel. Very sad and unfortunate.

Alison Bailey I hope Sonoran Mountain puts better roads or lights. That is a horrible corner. They are trying to build too many houses back in that pocket. Accidents all the time. Please Peoria do something. This is horrible accident and these students and families lives will never be the same. I'm just so sick and a parents worst nightmare. These were beautiful and loving young girls.

Christian Qian Liu By looking at the picture of the accident, she probably was the driver of the small car. It was totally damaged. So sorry for her family's loss! Can't imagine the parents said bye to her in the morning and not knowing it was the last one. 💔💔💔

Josh N Becca This is so horrible, makes me want to lock my kids in the house and keep them close. What a beautiful girl. I am so very sorry for her family, her parents..just no words.

Jill Neely So sad so sorry.... MY PRAYERS are now with both drivers.... they to will have a long road to recovery.... I truly hope all of the teen drivers peers support her and her friends recovering.... no doubt this scar will not be forgotten 💙

LaVonne Brooks So sad! Never leave your home angry at someone, you never know when that will be the last time you see your loved ones! I always tell my loved ones to be safe and drive carefully and that I love them! This is a reminder that life is precious and we need to cherish it!

Adriel M. Vega Im so sorry for the family's loss
There is no words to help ease the pain this family feels right now may God bless and mend their hearts and bring devine consolation, im a father of three. Good bye to that little girl.

Joan Irvin Beautiful girl, apple of her parents eye with a smile that could light a room, her smile lights this facebook post. I don't know her or her family but my heart hurts for them. God bless you with the strength to get through this unbelievably terrible time, until you see her again. Prayers.

Jamie Barrett It is a joy snuffed out of their lives in a moment in time. To last in their minds and hearts for the remainder of their moments. May they remember all the happiest times. Beautiful girl condolences to her famiy.

Ofelia Lopez This is so sad...May God comfort her family and take her into his loving embrace...My heart breaks for her mother the most...

Gayla Marsh May she rest in peace and the perpetual light shine upon her. May her family feel the Lord's embrace while they grieve her loss.

Clint David Diaz When people say "prayers for the family" what does that do?
When my mom died alot of people said the same but that never brought her back or did anything for us.... 
Saying that is like pretending to take action while in reality doing nothing.

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