Tuesday, May 30

T.D Jake : Connect with people who make you uncomfortable.

You have to connect with people who make you uncomfortable. When you’re in an environment with people who you’re comfortable with, you may be able to relate to them, but you aren’t growing. People who share your history, can't release your destiny. 

You have to connect with someone you cannot relate to - that is what is going to release space for your destiny! Are you still clinging to someone or something you need to release? Your comfort will destroy your call! Just as we see in 2 Kings 13:14-21, Elisha’s success was predicated upon his ability to see that Elijah had his destiny. 

Have you asked the Lord to reveal your destiny to you (Jeremiah 33:3)? Sometimes your greatest transfer will come from people you do not like. Everything that you will ever get is going to come through your ability to connect with other people. The transfer that God is preparing you for very well may not be the path you saw for your life - but you have to trust His process (Proverbs 16:9; Jeremiah 29:11). Seek Him in prayer concerning who and what your destiny is attached to, and allow Him to order your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:23)!

Monday, May 29


Nigerian pastor, Tim Omotosho slammed with 22 sex charges, as 18 more victims come out

Nigerian televangelist appeared in a South African court on Wednesday facing 22 charges of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Tim Omotoso, 58, was arrested on April 21 when he landed in Port Elizabeth, initially facing two charges of sexual assault and two of trafficking.

On Wednesday, 18 more people had laid charges. Omotoso will return to court on Thursday to apply for bail. ​Omotoso ​of the Jesus Dominion International Church in Durban, ​is accused of sexually abusing young girls at his luxury home.

He allegedly handpicked the girls and instructed them to live in his house where they were forced to have unprotected sex with him​. ​You can find out more info on the link below.

He was arrested after being on the run for several days for sexually abusing over 30 underaged female members of his church.

SOURCE: http://www.jamienaija.com/2017/05/nigerian-pastor-tim-omotosho-slammed.html

Isis Claimed Responsibility of Killing 29 Egyptian Christians

UPDATE: At least 10 masked Islamic State followers forced the believers to leave the bus one by one, asking if they were Christian. Then they slaughtered them one by one, even children.



Sunday, May 28

Laptop Ban on all U.S Bound International Flights

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly discussed the possibility of expanding the laptop ban in airplane cabins with European officials last week. Full Story 

This is even more stupid than the initial laptop ban. Banned from ALL international flights? But OK to put in the hold??? How is that safer? (Hint: The airlines themselves and security experts say it isn't.)
Really, this comes across as one of two things: an administration made up of people who were wrapped in cotton wool and now suddenly realize that counterterrorism is a thing--and are completely overreacting, buying into their own sense that no one's ever done anything about this before--or this is a bunch of hot air meant to cover for the discriminatory ban on laptops only on certain foreign airlines (possibly at the behest of some U.S.-based airlines, who are being out-competed by some of these more customer-service-oriented airlines).
Kelly says that some people would never leave their homes if they knew what he knew. Well, banning electronic devices on long-haul flights is a step toward making that a reality, making us more insular and xenophobic and unaware/uncaring of what's going on in the world. And then, guess who wins? (Hint: Not we the people.)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Worships At Redeemed Christian Church of God UK

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May today worshipped at Jesus House, a Redeemed Christian Of God parish in London. Jesus House is reportedly the biggest Redeemed parish in the UK and has even hosted David Cameron when he was the prime minister.

The parish is headed by Nigerian pastor Agu Irukwu who also serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Head of the Executive Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the United Kingdom.

Wednesday, May 24

Christ Embassy Pastor Enmeshes In Over 4 Abortions Mess With 16 Year old Maid

A Serving Minister at Believers Love World Ministry popularly known as Christ Embassy Church, Rev. Sunday Olisa has landed in trouble over alleged sexual molestation of his 16 – year old house maid which resulted in four pregnancies and abortions.

The 16-years old orphan (name withheld) is lying critically ill with heavy bleeding coming from her private after she was induced with uncompleted abortion by his benefactor who is a minister at Christ Embassy Church Egbe branch in Lagos.

The incident happened at 6 Dolamo Street in Agodo Egbe in ikotun area where the pastor, Sunday Olisa reside with the victim and family.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the police at Area M Idimu Command have started manhunt for the cleric after he reportedly  escaped mob action from the residents over the incident.

The victim who is in a hospital bed narrated her ordeal to P.M.EXPRESS how he started living with Olisa through her uncle, George Aguba.

- See more at: http://pmexpressng.com/christ-embassy-pastor-enmeshes-in-over-4-abortions-mess-maid/#sthash.lXQUDXZt.dpuf