Thursday, January 19

Obituary : Ueli Steck, Famed Swiss climber dies in Everest training accident

(CNN)Swiss climber Ueli Steck was killed Sunday in an accident near Mount Everest, Nepal's tourism department said.

"He skidded off about 1,000 metres from camp... Other climbers ascending Everest saw him and asked for his rescue."

"I will die sooner rather than later," is what Ueli Steck told us a few years ago. The record-breaking Swiss mountaineer died while climbing Mount Everest today.
His body has been recovered and airlifted to Lukla, where the nearest airport to Mount Everest is located, Dinesh Bhattarai, of the Nepal Tourism Department said.

Larry Daugherty wrote: 

As it's now reported on the Himalayan Times and Alan Arnette, I'm extremely sad to say that Ueli Steck died this morning on Nuptse, after an apparent fall.
I post this in part to reassure friends and family who will inevitably hear about this in the news. Ueli was an icon and attempting the greatest feat in mountaineering history IMO.
His style of climbing was completely different than what my team is trying to do - uber fast, no protection, risky - and he always acknowledged that fact. A tragic ending to an incredible life and career. The brightest luminary in the mountaineering world in my opinion.
I'm speechless. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and huge fan base who will awake to this news tomorrow most likely.
Here is Alan's post about it:

More people are paying tributes on social media.

Julie Ann Schreiber Pettus Dumb, dumb, dumb way to die! It's like they don't care who they leave behind or what their family goes through. Every year people die on Mt Everest, and for what? Bragging rights? That's what it comes down to. There are so many other ways to achieve things without putting yourself in such danger and deadly circumstances.

Harmony Kaluma Always they want to become the heroes and popular through the skills that can jeopardize their life. I don't know why, look now the children become orphans, wife a widow, so sacarstically

Eriam Smej Why idiots go up to that mountain to get the credit as the first few people to summit when they know beforehand the fact that sherpas been going back and forth to that mountain like everyone of us going to our work jobs everyday for maybe centuries now.

Chaman Basota Himalayas 200 km from my home I never went there because himalayas mountain ivery dangerous. 
Our one wrong step can kill us easily. 
People's don't love there's family that's why they try to walk on himalayas.

Gaala Eri Gabosse He died the best way testing his limits. At least he didn't die invading foreign lands and conquering other people. Many Africans need to die doing things like this. It's worst to die being too careful.

George Snyder I agree it was his right as to how he lived and died. I also agree he had some responsibility to his wife and children. May he have Peace in death and GOD take his soul.

Tommy Rogers If he had stayed at he and lead a normal life as most ppl do,his family wouldn't be mourning a needless death a senseless death,,,,ppl should be do all they can to try live the longest life possible enjoying ones families and the blessings god has sent upon us,then ya get others who abuse the gift of life and waste it so needlessly just to climb a bloody mountain so he can brag.....sad sad way ppl view the world.....

Elisabeth Hara Condol√©ances to his friends and family . I have three personal friends who died after reaching summit of Mount Everest send their bodies are still there , Kato Yasuo Kamuro Hironobu Oseki Takeshi for me Everest is also the biggest grave stone on earth where my friends rest . So sad .

Krishna Kanta Adhikari Rest in peace . 
Record-breaking Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck has died during his preparations to scale Mount Everest. Condolences to his family , friends and relatives .
Raquel Luzi Steiner RIP brave man. Atleast he died doing what he loved. What an inspiration to us all. Condolences to his friends and family.
Louisa Hughes Awfully sad news but he lived his life how he wanted and he lived it to its fullest. Condolences sent to his family and friends.
Dirk Swart I thought it happened on Nuptse, not Everest. (they are next to each other).

Anna Dagva ...at least he died doing what he the most liked not suffering from lethal disease. Feeling sorry about his age: too young to die at this healthy age.Your free spirit is in Everest. My condolence. (Mongolia)
Simone Erasmus He always dared!! Condolences to the family and friends .. Had seen the video of when he spoke of attempting this..

Steve Newman I'm not sure there will be another talent like him ! .... and such a nice guy so sad !

Rasheedturabi Khan RIP.mountains keep only that people whom they love

Thierry Martin Ueli died living his extreme and demanding passion. Happy those who dare, sad those who share such a demanding mistress. RIP.

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