Obituary :Tyranne Beckless , 4-year-old dies of suspected opioid overdose

Two people have been arrested in the suspected opioid overdose of a 4-year-old Milwaukee boy who would be the seventh child under 5 to die after swallowing opioids in Milwaukee County in the last 19 months, if further toxicology tests in the latest case confirm preliminary results, according to authorities. from FOX News

Tyranne Beckless is the 7th child under 5 years old to to die in a similar way in the county in less than 2 years.

He was found near 26th and Melvina on Saturday, and the Medical Examiner says he is the seventh child under the age of five to die of an opioid overdose in Milwaukee County in a year and a half.

People are paying tribute on social media .

Carla Lawton So sad but doesn't say if parents, or who were the adults watching over him. He has a nice smile. Sympathies to the family who loved this little one.

Eula Ortiz-Newcomb I don't know what happened but it's so sad... God rest his precious soul! God Bless the family suffering the loss! Please people, unless in true need, don't trust the hype, stay away from opiates!

Laura Kiefert Sad, but just wondering how many children under that age have died during the same period of time from gun violence? Perhaps we should be just as outraged about that.

Tammy Crittenden Such a tragedy! Sending prayers to this little one's family. RIP sweet angel.

Barbara Olson So very,very sad! Another innocent child dies because of parents struggling with drug addiction.

Peter Raschk I know how he got it, Big pharmacy produced it and made it available to the masses. End of story.

Nate Hoff 1 # example of why Welfare and Social Security Disability Reform is needed providing benefits to our most seriously disabled.
Grade A example of Idle Hands mental illness.

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