Obituary : Kristian Branden Perez , 17-year-old boy from Idaho dies from accident .

Heartbreaking update :( Kristian Branden Perez , after being found safe, has died in a car accident :(
OROFINO — A 17-year-old boy who ran away after his high school prom last weekend died this afternoon following a car crash.
Kristian Branden Perez was involved in the wreck that occurred in Nez Perce County, according to the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office. In a news release, officials said he lost control of the vehicle and rolled it over a small embankment.

People are sending condolence on social media. 

Shawna Kay Denton A family member of the teen said they think the crash was intentional 😢 he just broke up with his gf, and had court Monday for drug charges, he couldn't handle it all so very sad

Michele Curran-Funk My oldest son began to drastically change at 17, I'm told this age can be the onset age, for several emotional disorders. My son was well cared for and loved. We had a great relationship up until new unsavory friends, GF, alcohol and drug experimentation began. At 17 some kids are very emotional and unable to see past "right now". A phone call w/ his GF would have him deeply depressed and 5 minutes later happy because she called and was now 'happy'. When we put our foot down about basic things, he rebelled-as if it was a full blown war. My son wanted to run away over having a wisdom tooth pulled, or a few dating boundaries, implimentated by his GF's Dad. It's near impossible to reach a child doesn't want to be reached. This boys death is so sad, always was my worst fear w/ my oldest. Even now and he's 23. I don't know this young mans home situation. But for us, people we'd never met blamed us for his poor choices. Even looking back, we were very good parents. It was difficult to be judged like that, we gave our very best. I pray for these parents and hope they will not blame themselves. We tried everything and it didn't make a difference. Prayers and love to the family. I can't imagine their pain.

Sandy Almaraz So sad, we were so happy to hear he turned up alive. Sad that he was struggling with something he couldn't see a way out. RIP young man. Prayers to his family.

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