Obituary : 15yo Brayden Dillon has passed away in hospital after he was shot in the head

Brayden Dillon 
A 15-year-old boy who was shot in the head "execution style" at his family's home in Sydney's southwest on Friday morning has died in hospital.
Police say Brayden Dillon was shot in the head after a man kicked his way into the Moresby Avenue house in Glenfield armed with a gun and threatened a woman believed to be the Brayden's mother about 6.10am.

People have been paying Tributes on social media.

RED HEARTERS Wrote : It is with heavy hearts and extreme anger that we ask you to share a ❤️ for Brayden Dillon who was murdered by an unknown person. Fifteen-year-old Brayden is the eighth child to be murdered this year in Australia. The RED HEART Campaign highlights and acknowledges the murder of all women and children in Australia.

Anne Woods Condolences to his family and we shouldn't profile him given what we know now. You live by the sword you die by the sword.

Peter Enright wow how unexpected. that's usually what happens when shot point-blank. stating the bleeding obvious as news. epic fail.

Sandy Free You could try harder with the picture SMH. Do you think the family would want this to be the photo you choose to report on the death of their son?

Marty Richter Criminal, unlicenced and in reality not much of a danger to you and me, it was a targeted attack, so despite all the fear about illegal guns you are more likely to be killed by a drive who is not paying attention than a crim with an illegal gun, and as for the chances of getting shot by a law abiding gun owner are practically zero.

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