Tuesday, April 11

God's Anointing on Your Life is More Powerful than Anyone's Opinion on your Life

When God anointed you He didn't meet with an advisory board or take a vote. Stop allowing people who didn't call you to discourage you.
1 Samuel 17: 32-33 Saul replied, "You aren't able to go out there and fight that Philistine. You are too young. He's been a fighting man ever since he was a boy." Saul told David. You're too young, no experience, not skillful enough, no training, no chance. Saul didn't realize that God had been preparing David for this moment while he was out in the field taking care of his fathers sheep. It's where preparation meets opportunity. Saul couldn't see it but David didn't allow what Saul thought to discourage him from one of his greatest victories! Like I said stop allowing people who didn't call you to discourage you! The anointing on your life is more powerful than anyone's opinion of your life. Have a victorious week family! #jamesfortune#dearfutureme #iforgiveme #linkinbio🔝

Happy 50th Birthday to Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Happy 50th birthday to Pastor Nike. Thank you and we are so grateful for God's calling on your life. We love you loads!!!

Monday, April 10

Bishop Tudor Bismark, 2017 7 Days of Faith Work

You don't want to miss Day 2 of #7DaysofFaith!! Tudor Bismark Ministrieshas a Word for you tonight at 7pm! Join us live right here on Facebook or on http://FYF.tv

Passover the “Festival of Freedom” starts tonight at sundown

Passover the “Festival of Freedom” starts tonight at sundown. Jesus ate the Passover meal in Jerusalem with His disciples (the Last Supper) to celebrate Pharaoh releasing the Israelite’s from 400+ years of Egyptian slavery, and proving the God of Israel — The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob -- was the only all-powerful and mighty GOD.  
We know about the 10 Plagues of Egypt — that the Israelites were protected in the midst of them. We remember the 10th where every firstborn child was "passed over" if they were in a home marked with the Blood of a slaughtered Lamb. 
Pharaoh had mocked God saying, "Who [is] the LORD, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go?” Each plague contrasted the power of the God of Israel with the Egyptian gods and totally invalidated them. In the final plague Pharaoh lost his own firstborn. "On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the LORD.” Passover is still celebrated worldwide. (see Exodus)