Obituary : Barry ‘Frosty’ Smith, renowned Austin drummer, dies after long illness

April 14 2017

The music industry has lost another legend.

The illustrious Austin, Texas based drummer, Barry "Frosty" Smith has died at age 71.

Frosty, I loved watching you play and feel so privileged to have shared the stage with you over the years. I remember watching you one night when Gary and I were teenagers hanging out at Antone's on Blue Monday. The band launched into a Meters tune, and holy shit! I literally had tears in my eyes I was so moved by the drums. It was wild and funky and I couldn't even comprehend how someone could play like that. Thank you for the years of music and inspiration.

People are paying tributes on social media.

Texas Music Office shared Michael Corcoran's post.
RIP Barry "Frosty" Smith. The incomparable drummer moved to Austin circa early 1980s and played on numerous #TexasMusic albums, from Soulhat to Alejandro Escovedo, to Toni Price to Junior Brown, to Roky Erickson to Cornell Dupree.
Prior to living in Austin, his initial bands Sweathog and Lee Michaels were straight-up rock stars, performing shows with Jimi Hendrix and other headliners throughout the late '60s and 1970s (though Frosty was so humble, he'd loathe to ever mention his past accomplishments in conversation).
Thank you Frosty for all of the music! We've prepared a retrospective playlist of his performances, which stretch over 40 years across multiple genres and styles:…/…/playlist/02fDdDlmKSgMI6C7aOQwoz

I heard the news last night and still can't believe it... The Kidd called to tell me our beloved Barry "Frosty" Smith had flown on. I know I speak for many musicians when I say that Frosty was not only a great musical mentor, but was also a sort of musical Father figure. I first saw his genius when Gingbreadmen opened for Soul Hat at The Black Cat Lounge in the 90's... I mean... Frosty was pure fire and soul... killin' the drums like I had never seen that close and personal before. I can still feel that "Bonecrusher" electricity like it were yesterday... what an inspiration! ... but also, he was perhaps one of the most genuine and gentle souls I have ever meet in the music business. I was lucky enough to work with Frosty on a professional level for a few gigs and later would be blessed to have him on a studio date for my debut EP. I remember him listening to the track a few times while setting up his kit and then watching him just straight laying down one of the tightest grooves I had ever witnessed on "Soulshaker". He was the epitome of professionalism that day and every time I saw him... and I will never forget that. Those that knew him closely knew of his spiritualism and also his impeccable sense of humor. Frosty was quick witted and could have you rolling with laughter while charming you with his incredible smile. I'm gonna miss you, my brother... this music town has lost a legend. May you rest in beats, power, soul and peace... thank you for your life lessons and music. You will always be remembered, Barry E Smith⚡💚⚡

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