Friday, March 17

“Ladies, Your Husband Is Your Master And Not Your Equal” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Most problems in marriages today started when individual men started forming churches and making their wife head of marriage counseling, and their wife started propagating funny doctrines with the support of their husband (the Pastor) claiming that husband and wife are equal.
Husband and wife are equal in the whites’ court marriage were either party can walk away once they are tired by going back to court and get divorce papers. But it is not same with Bible and Quaran.
Read Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s position:
Husband does not mean the male partner in a marriage, husband means master. The reason for most problems in Christian marriages is the fact that women refute God’s definition of marriage and form theirs. They believe they are equal partners. If most women had their fathers bold enough to talk to them, they will be very successful in their marriage and they will be very happy people. Most women have never been taught by their parents, their fathers particularly and that’s their biggest problem because they don’t know who a man is, they think he is another woman.

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