Death Obituary : Tim Hague , Former UFC Fighter Tim Hague Dies After Boxing Match

By | February 13, 2017

Christopher David Welcome to what the rest of the world is feeling about muslims, as tragic as this is, it’s still a drop in the bucket compared to the massive Muslim attacks. Especially in the UK
Former UFC heavyweight Tim Hague passed away on Sunday as a result of knockout loss he suffered from a boxing match last week. Hague, who made his boxing debut in 2011, was 34-years-old.Jessie White I know it’s very sad but there have been many terrorist attacks across Europe committed by Muslims, how do you think Europeans feel? sympathy is a two way street.
“It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to report that Tim has passed away today,” Hague’s sister Jackie Neil wrote on Facebook. “He was surrounded by family, listening to his favorite songs. We will miss him with so greatly. We ask for privacy during this difficult time.”

Carol Mccannon NOWHERE is safe right now: mosque, church, mall, concert, bridges, parks, and even your homes are safe these days. Anyway in the world.
Hague was taken to an Edmonton hospital in critical condition with a “serious brain injury” after being knocked out by Adam Braidwood at the Shaw Conference Centre in Alberta, Canada on Friday. According to Fox Sports, Hague remained on the canvas for several minutes following the knockout and later went into a coma. He was knocked down several times during the fight, but it wasn’t until Hague was reportedly unconscious that the referee called for a finish.Mike Okey Where’s the how do Muslims feel after the Bridge attacks earlier? If the moderate Muslims don’t make a bigger effort to 
While post-fight reviews are usually completed immediately after each fight, Edmonton Combative Sports Commission executive director Pat Reid said they extended the request due to Hague’s condition at the time.w

ill continue because the terrorists think they are supported by other muslims.
Alec Blanchard white commits murders ” blame all whites!” Muslims blow up a concert, go on knife 
“Following the news that boxer Tim Hague is in critical condition following a professional boxing match on Friday, June 16th, we have extended the request for reports to all referees, ringside judges, physicians, chief inspector, paymaster and the presiding inspectors assigned to the bout,” Reid said in a statement. “We will determine the next steps following the evaluation of these reports.”
Jimm Speight 2 faced hypocrate ! So when the last terror attack took place the London mayor said it all comes with living in the city , but when this o e happened because .

Hague appeared in four UFC fights between 2009 and 2010. He beat Pat Barry in his debut at UFC 98 with a guillotine choke despite being the underdog but went on to lose his next three fights. Following his release from the UFC in 2011, Hague wrote on Facebook that he was going to take a break from MMA to “let the brain heal” from a concussion.Cody Goodwin Wait……..i just watched a video the other day where Muslims in London were walking down the street talking about taking 

Before he was a fighter, Hague was a Grade 4 English teacher at École Bellevue School in Alberta. In a statement CBC News, the school’s principal Jennifer El-Khatib said he was “a beloved teacher and staff member. His students loved him and looked up to him, and he was an important part of our school community.”

Navin Chaudhary Height of hypocrisy CNN. Never seen headlines on CNN like ‘terror attack on Christians’, ‘terror attack on Hindus’ or ‘terror attack on any other community’ but for the first time you are running this headline ‘terror attack on Muslims in London’. Seriously??? What exactly is your real agenda? What has changed this time? Where were such headlines when these Islamic terrorists were perpetrating such attacks every week in London, France and Europe? Any kind of violence on innocents is not acceptable but the way you are presenting your stories raise serious doubts about your intentions. You should do stories asking normal families on how they feel while taking kids or their families out in such cities. How much safe they feel while Islamic terrorist is spreading like plague in their cities and killing innocents. Do they feel safe? This is biased journalism, nothing else.
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Jason Carman
Jason Carman Did they feel safe on 9/11? How about the Boston bombing? How about all the other bombings and mass killings caused by Muslim terrorists? They don’t feel safe when it’s directed at them when CNN wants to push their agenda. ISIS is world wide and yet Muslims aren’t turning them in. They say nothing about this being the fault of what ISIS has been doing. Instead they remain as the cloak of innocence to hide their fellow believers of the Prophet Muhammad so they can fulfill the prophecy of the Quran. Allah snack bar
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Fred Brown
Fred Brown Welcome to the world of all other religions feeling unsafe after Islamic terrorists were permitted to run a mock and murder innocent lives.
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Jesus Mirabal
Jesus Mirabal Irans a great place to live instead of Britian or europe, best part its already a Muslim state. Wonder why they keep going to European countries? 
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Earle Carstens
Earle Carstens I suggest that this person consult surviving victims and family members of the Coptic Christian Church in Cairo that was full of worshipers when Muslim suicide bombers did their “thing”.
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Larry Reeves Underwood
Larry Reeves Underwood When children die “it is part and parcel of urban life” and we need to just get used to it. When a muslim is killed it means so much more to these liberal subhuman scumbags.
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Mohammed Ashiq
Mohammed Ashiq A black muslim teen was lynched by a white radical in Virginia,US. 
Why isnt the news reported CNN? All world media has covered it.
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Ron Segreti
Ron Segreti finnaly muslims have something to say about attacts on inocent people. but they were hush mouth when muslims were killing, what they call, infidels.
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Marcial Garza
Marcial Garza If Muslims don’t feel safe in their mosques in England, how do they think Christians feel in their places of worship in the Middle East? IMHO, there is no comparison! Muslims have nothing to complain about! The pendulum is about to start swinging the other way! What goes around comes around.
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Mike Vincent
Mike Vincent Where were CNN’s report about how the average Londoner doesn’t feel safe after the flood of Islamist attacks? Or would that upset the narrative they’re trying to paint for us?
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Vinnie Chenzo Domino
Vinnie Chenzo Domino The threat of such events are to be expected when living in a big city.
~Mayor Khan…See More
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Barbara Giger
Barbara Giger You apparently didn’t watch the news. They were there helping injured people. They were there after the fire opening up their mosques for the homeless, they have shared their mosques so Christians could have their services. Muslims saved people from the fire because they were up early for prayers. I’ve seen numerous interviews they’ve done with with Muslim leaders saying this is not the teachings anywhere in the Koran and terrorists are not Muslims in there beliefs.
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Lori Tay
Lori Tay Forget Muslims, Christians, gay, straight, Chinese, black, white, blue….if we could just get rid of crazy motherf*ckers we could all walk free.
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Suhaila Shaaban
Suhaila Shaaban very sad to be against each otherwe are all human people should be united and be together.. muslimz/non muslimz.. in the end we are all humans thats all matters.
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Marie Faulkner
Marie Faulkner This is a terrorist attack. But I can’t help but think “Now you know how we feel when Muslim and Islamic Radicals attack us.” That fear we feel it every day and every time we see a Muslim. It sucks that we wonder if it will be our last day with friends and family. This is how we feel. This fear rational or otherwise sucks.
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Jonathan Scheich
Jonathan Scheich Seems like Allah would protect his followers yet he just sits up in the sky and watches his people suffer and die maybe he never existed in the first place
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Lori Koch
Lori Koch The guy they hauled off in the patty wagon looks like the majority of the folks on this interview. People keep calling him white, but so are millions of Muslims. How does anyone know that he is not? I haven’t heard anything on his religion, sexual preference or even his ” gender identity “
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Joe Allport
Joe Allport In the Middle East and Africa, terrorists massacre folks while they are worshipping in mosques and churches (e.g. Coptic Christians in Egypt). 1400 years of non-stop hate and violence is the reason for refugees in Europe. Failure to assimilate is making it possible to re-create that chaos outside of the Middle East. That is why “I don’t feel safe in a mosque, I can’t feel safe anywhere else”.
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Sarah Berry
Sarah Berry You can mark you’re calender that yesterday London died as the muslim mayor will now make laws giving Muslims special rights and privileges over native Europeans.
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Amjad Omar
Amjad Omar another crazy Muslim will retaliate for this crime then the other part extremist will retaliate for the Muslim retaliation… this thing going to stop? if you say no immigrants , i will say stop interfere in other countries policies and stop sending your armies abroad, you will say they go to improve peace, i will say you should seek peace for both sides and this will never happen as far Palestinians have no justice, you will say negotiations is been going, i will say for 25 years and no progress, you will say because Palestinians dont compromise, i will say they already compromised by accepting the existance of Isreal on their historical land…never end until putting pressure on Israel and forcing them to withdraw from 1967 land as a minimum .
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TG Diggs
TG Diggs Condemning all Muslims because of the acts of a few is expected in the West. But holding Politicians, Police, and the Christian church accountable is blasphemous. 
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Justin Shaikewitz
Justin Shaikewitz We need to stop focusing on the religion. 

This is a tragedy. As much as any terrorist attack is. Innocent people died and all they were doing was trying to practice their religion peacefully. 

Extremist on both sides don’t represent the whole group. 

Let’s show compassion instead of hate.
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Jen Kaye
Jen Kaye I could care less. Muslims kill in the name of Allah every day millions and millions have been burned beheaded throwed off buildings or rundown or bombed…
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Steve Renko
Steve Renko Remember how safe the Christians felt!!! And, you want what Muslims? Sorry, it’s a two way street. You feel scared!!? Ask, a Christian. Feel their pain!!! Your pain is sometimes suspect!!!
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Sakiema Turnmeup Wood
Sakiema Turnmeup Wood All I see it’s the Muslims fault but these so called terrorist are killing Muslims and bombing their own holy grounds so for once can we stop saying its Muslims faults because obviously the people bombing and killing are not Muslim!
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Josh Elliott
Josh Elliott Why don’t you guys make a compilation of Londoners reaction to every Islamic terror attack? Why don’t you guys interview people who don’t feel safe living near Islamic ghettos, or people who have been affected by radical Islamic terror? Oh right, because youre apologists for Islamic violence.
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Bass Hamdan
Bass Hamdan Majority if people on this planet don’t feel safe in almost every spot on this planet, on some sports are more than the other one, just go on with your daily living, thank God for giving you the safety and go on with your life! nobody can put heaven for you on earth. some areas here in the US has a high # of crimes that makes it easier to live with ISIS,
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Chantal Duguay Nardella
Chantal Duguay Nardella It doesn’t matter where you go. I wouldn’t feel safe in any public place right now. Mosque, Temple, Church, any major public event or display such as Independence Day. Yes I will stay home this year. Its sad, but true.
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Greg Lloyd
Greg Lloyd No one is safe anywhere. This is only the beginning I am afraid. I’m not sure what it is going to take to get back to people being civilized but if we all don’t get our acts together, things are going to get much worse.
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David Dreyer
David Dreyer “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!!” Who writes that childish crap only fuse the problem. You never thought to think muslims are born all over the world and just as peaceful and committed to their country as you? Stop and find some common sense within you before you blurt out nonsense.
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Stephanie Garber
Stephanie Garber This is sad…i hope the world changes…whats even more sad its terrorism thats hid behind religion..but the real reason is all over money…a disgrace to religions…money money money…the root of all evil…but we need it 2 live..sad
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Anthony Durkalec
Anthony Durkalec Awwwww, now they know how everyone else feels in a big city. The poor Muslims. How about poor us? Nonstop terrorism, now we have torpedo vans and trucks.
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Matthew Toeniskoetter
Matthew Toeniskoetter Well, Mufasa, pack up your old prayer rug and head on back to goatphuckistan. No one asked you to be there where it’s not safe for a common terrorist, such as you, to practice your “religion” of terror, pedophilia and rape.
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Miguel Solivan
Miguel Solivan The people that are not feeling safe is Western people. Our culture is being attacked by ignorance. 

Religion is ignorance and we need to fight it.
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John N Maria
John N Maria Its sad to say. But what u thought was going to happen if extremist Muslims keep attacking innocent people you create and build up so much hate that you’re bound to get some other Looney Tunes that will retaliate. If we could only live in a peaceful world an jus respect an love each other.
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Dave Toohey
Dave Toohey I don’t recall CNN running stories like this about Non-Muslims not feeling safe in London, even though the previous attacks were Muslim on Non-Muslim…
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Ryan Hoban
Ryan Hoban If they are tired of it they would condemn the ones responsible for these terrible actions and do what they can to make light of the situation. If the Quran teaches about peace then Muslims need to condemn the actions that have previously taken place and take care of the problem in there own backyard. Just like racism in America, until the white population realizes that there is a problem and stands up and speaks out against what’s happening there will be no change.
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Andy Lowery
Andy Lowery Really !! How do you think people in London feel , that have been attacked over and over by Muslims ? They have had enough , and are starting to fight back .. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong .. but enough is enough!!!
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Marian Lee
Marian Lee Hey CNN. What about Christians?? With all these Muslim suicide bombers and terrorist attacks you didn’t run a report about everyone else being scared. One Muslim gets killed by some white loon and now they are scared!!!! Welcome to our world!!! Since 9/11 we’ve been scared. Report that!
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Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner Saying a major religion doesn’t belong is very controversial. I will say that donald trump is a huge waste of time and I look forward to his exit.
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Robert Moon
Robert Moon You brought in… Just bring in a few more million, especially Whitties villa, Ireland. .. And be the world’s guinea pigs.. So you can prove our science wrong…. We’ll stand by…
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Robert Whims
Robert Whims It’s not right either way.. We of all race’s religion sexual orientation feel this way.. Too f ing bad we can’t get over our differences and get along.. It should be that easy.
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JP Dizon
JP Dizon Woah the KKK was Christian! If someone shot up a church it would be okay because all Christians are like the KKK am I right?

No obviously and same applies to Muslims. get out of your hateful echo chamber and educate yourselves
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John Sullivan III
John Sullivan III I didn’t see cnn do a story like this when the other terrorist attacks happened to other people from London and tourists… make you wonder who is in bed with who on this
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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed Then they should pack up and March to Holy land in Saudia Arabia…but surely they won’t,because to start with they will be treated like dogs by there so called Muslim fellows,and secondly there won’t be no child benefits…because Muslims have been treated very generously with child benefits,due to there extremely high birth rate…
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Sherri L. Hargrove-Johns
Sherri L. Hargrove-Johns Muslims are usually the first in the community to assist after extremist attacks. Now that they are the victims some of you want to say wicked things about them. It’s really sad. Stop trying to compare white extremists with non white extremists; it’s all bad. It’s innocent people who are suffering and your lack of compassion for innocent victims of this is not helping.
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Linda McIntyre Jones
Linda McIntyre Jones Wow. It’s saddens my heart to read some of these comments. It is exactly what is wrong with our world today. So much hate. I refuse to live in fear or hate an entire race or religion based on an individuals decisions. Don’t be sheep.
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Tracey O’Farrell
Tracey O’Farrell People should feel safe in a place of worship- whatever that looks like. I think the media should focus on the fact this terror act was done by a white guy- and that innocent Muslims were attacked in their place of worship. It saddens me that people stereo type others and that what we should be doing is showing compassion to everyone.
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James Crouch
James Crouch Who would have thought that a nutzo could make you feel vulnerable everywhere you may be? 

So let’s look at the past. Looking at the past nutzo attacks, the common comment would be about homegrown mass shootings. Shouldn’t this be compared to recent mosque bombings in Egypt for instance?
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Ko Ita Y Amadou
Ko Ita Y Amadou This world is like a combination of locomotives and wagons. There’s actually no way to stop this islamophobia, because there are too much wagons. Soon these locomotives will be out of fuel.
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Mike Fitz
Mike Fitz Please who cares! Now you know what the rest of the world feels. Should have condemned radical Muslims more in the Muslim community
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Maryam Ali
Maryam Ali Wow you all are a bunch of disgusting people for saying that Muslims deserve to feel this way. That Muslims should have condemed these terrorist attacks. Muslims have been condemming terrorists since the day they were born. I mean, they’re ruining our religion OBVIOUSLY we would be doing that! But no, you all think its better to feel that they DESERVE this. Shame on all of you. And we feel just as unsafe when a terror attack happens on non Muslims. Please stop making assumptions about us.
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Jackie La Rouche-Merifield
Jackie La Rouche-Merifield Some very hateful comments on this thread. Shame. People are dying and you are celebratng??? No wonder the States is going to hell in hand basket and that Drumpf was voted in to lead the parade. Disgusting.
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Chad Shaw
Chad Shaw Islamic terrorists have killed 1263 people in the last 23 days alone. To equate the threat of ‘right wing terror’ with ‘Islamic terror’ is asinine.
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Pat Holokai
Pat Holokai What about all the Christians being slaughtered all around the globe? Is anybody ‘feeling’ them? Are you speaking out for them? No! Well your silence speaks volumes for who you are!
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Marian Lee
Marian Lee They know what the rest of the world feels like now. Do not condone either But these radical Islamist have got everybody on edge with all of these attacks. It was only a matter of time.
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S.J. Wang
S.J. Wang The non Muslim people have been suffering emotionally and physically for as long as after 911 attack or prior to that ….that’s exactly right …welcome to the cloud …
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Stephanie Morris
Stephanie Morris These animals should be scared! They don’t go after their own extremists, sit back, take advantage of host countries and allow more terrorism to occur. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they cry victim. Crap on that!!
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Andy Lowery
Andy Lowery When Muslims attack , do you really think they care ? No . Yes I feel bad for the innocent . On both sides .. but the Muslims are attacking people on every continent and don’t care who . Be it a man woman or child .
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Alicia Edwardson
Alicia Edwardson Way to integrate! This crime did nothing but promote more hate. As do all terrorist attacks. Stop labeling, stop noticing differences.
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Amy Cranmer
Amy Cranmer Black people in America cannot go into a church without being slaughtered. Hate is everywhere. We all must rise above the fear of hate.
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Oana Gharbi
Oana Gharbi An 80 something year old priest was almost beheaded in a french church last year by a Muslim extremist, in a small village north of Paris. 
Churches aren’t safe either…..
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Callen Dangelo
Callen Dangelo Well, nobody can feel safe where Muslims begin to arrive in increasing numbers, anywhere on earth, so what is the point here? If they were not hell bent on domination and total control everywhere they go, then perhaps we wouldn’t even have a problem in the first place. THE HYPOCRISY IS ASTOUNDING! When they attack all around the world, they are “defending themselves”, but when someone does to them, what they do everywhere they go, suddenly, they are victims? Spare me the crocodile tears. Until Muslims around the globe clean up their own back yard, I cannot see them having any type of gripe here when people react to terrorism with like minded aggression as a defense mechanism.
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Godwin Akpan Udoh-Edehe
Godwin Akpan Udoh-Edehe Now you know how we the sane people feel when your brother, Uncle and other relatives terrorists terrorize us. Welcome to the club.
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Silvana Edith Napolitano
Silvana Edith Napolitano Welcome to reality, this is how we feel everyday when we travel, celebrate holidays, etc. Is sad we have to live in a world like that.
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Erika Becerra
Erika Becerra oh well WE don’t feel safe either and I haven’t seen you speaking up against islamic terrorism. The staged CNN protrests don’t count. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Some non-muslims are radicalized too. You must expect these things. Your mayor said that it was expected in a big city and that it was what it was so …
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Boomz St. Patrick
Boomz St. Patrick Anyone with any sense of objectivity will know that murderers are on the rise…..Islamic fundamentalists, white supremacists, gang bangers, black on black murders, hate criminals and what have you. I just hope the whole human race won’t be self-destruct at some point.
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Kelly Rogers
Kelly Rogers This particular mosque was known for harboring radicals. If you were at this mosque…you are not moderate. Don’t play the victim. This mosque has the blood of innocents on its hands. This wasn’t the best way to handle it. A bulldozer after evacuating all the “moderates ” should have been in order.
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Denison Phelps
Denison Phelps Imagine the apprehension that non Muslim citizens feel about having a mosque nearby. It is a tragedy regardless of who the perpetrators.
As long as the Muslim community stays silent, and extremism goes unimpeded, this is what continues.
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Brian Morency Sr.
Brian Morency Sr. Aw the poor things. Maybe now they’ll start reporting the extremist among them. But I doubt it since their religion tells them they can’t and to lie to the infidels. So until they do maybe it’s best to kill them all and let Alah sort them out.
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Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson Sadiq Khan has said he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city” 

Sucks to be you 
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James Salisbury
James Salisbury These muslims need to stand up to the radical portion of their religion. ..need to put their foot down and say no more…they need to assimilate into the Nations they live…become the solution not the problem. ..
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Curtis Hiserote
Curtis Hiserote Then start outting the extremists amongst you. Start publicly condemning them for their extremist views. Let the authorities know anytime you hear someone amongst you saying he is thinking of doing something. 
Average citizens usually don’t get a clue something is up and can’t infiltrate their cliques, but the average Muslim can. 
Help us to stand against them. 
Help us to take them down before they pull off an attack, or this will sadly continue forever.
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David Greatorex
David Greatorex After the shooting in Alexandria, Republicans don’t feel safe as well. Funny, I did not hear a white person living in London say “it is a bad time to be a white person living in London.”
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Chris Heward
Chris Heward It could not be more important in their community to “see something, SAY something”!!!
Many of them have been saying nothing, and violence ensues.
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Militza Wheeler
Militza Wheeler …not that I think the attack that killed people is a positive move, but now ” the other side” knows ” how does it feels”.
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Alan Sullivan
Alan Sullivan The amount of coverage and outrage over this incident is amazing. The other couple attacks within the past month didn’t provide this much outrage from the same people. Strange how that works huh?
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4 Replies · 43 mins
Judy Downer
Judy Downer The point is that Muslims are human beings who just want to go ahead with their lives, and who feel fear just as anyone feels fear when their lives and safety are threatened. What “spin?” This is just reporting through man/woman-on-the-street interviews and first-person witnesses. I stand with the peaceful Muslims of Britain.
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Hawah Mahamud
Hawah Mahamud Shame on all of you it doesnt matter if a “muslim”kills or an “insane white man”kills both results to innocent lives lost. Its pathetic what human’s have turned into to
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2 Replies · 18 mins
Dimma Barca
Dimma Barca If u cant undestand this u wont undestand nothing…Isis want worlds to kills muslim so muslim join them ..Isis atack muslim and christan jews ..And other relagion are attacking muslim …Isis is a cancer
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S.J. Wang
S.J. Wang Well, non Muslim people are afraid too this is a chain reaction unfortunately and this is what certain group want to see happen in the free world –
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Michelle Swann
Michelle Swann Welcome to our world because we believe different than Muslims. It’s unfortunate but this fate has been brought to our front door as well.
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Marge Destler
Marge Destler A disgrace around the world. Almost every immigrating nationality goes thru it and the behavior must be outlawed in order to end. It’s borne of ignorant fear of new and different people. Let’s stop the stupidity. It’s not just color, it was Irish, Italians, Jews , etc., etc.
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Joseph T Allen
Joseph T Allen Trump voters call this “fake news” because they perpetrate this type of hatred and discrimination against Muslims – and really, against anyone that doesn’t identify as white and/or “Christian”.
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4 Replies · 29 mins
Stephen Gyimah
Stephen Gyimah Dear friends all things are a bible prophecy I know real Christian will believe that, this world is a satanic world, and that’s is why JESUS will come, I don’t know if it is written in the Muslim book, but it is written in the bible
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Robert Allen
Robert Allen If I can’t feel safe on a bridge, at a concert, on a team bus…. Say some prayers, light some candles and get over it like the rest of us are told to.

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