Death Obituary :19-year-old Tyler Heintz, Kent State University football player dies after Tuesday practice session

By | February 22, 2017

Things like this are insincere and do not actually help anything at all, that’s why they so easily do this. Wake up you idiots.
KENT, Ohio (WKYC)– A Kent State freshman football player has passed away following the team’s football camp on Tuesday.My religion continues to murder you, but here’s some roses because that will convince you delusional idiots that we’re ‘not all like that.’ It’s 
19-year-old Tyler Heintz, according to a statement from Kent State University, was recruited as “a rising star on our offensive line”.Christians continue to murder in America….what religion did that dude stabbing vets on trains call his own….bet ya he 
Now they’re mourning his loss.wasn’t a Muslim. Timothy who blew up a fed building….sandy hook….columbine….should I go on?

Heintz passed away after Tuesday morning football’s ironic because Christians have murdered more than any other race, creed, or ethnicity.
Heintz  was a 2017 graduate of Kenton High School. A standout football player, who his teammates say was excited to play for KSU. “i believe in individual rights and i want to judge every individual differently. but you know what? i would judge you based on your 
The news was first posted on Kenton High School’s football Twitter page.Yes, it sounds like your heart is full of hate Stachia Leslie. No wonder; a Texan….
At just his second practice with the Golden Flashes, paramedics transported Heintz from football conditioning drills at Dix stadium to the hospital.Listen…. I am no bigot. I am NOT condoning any of these acts by ANYONE, race, religion, creed, color, gender etc. 
His cause of death is still unknown.

Trent Reichelderfer, a Junior who played football with Heintz at Kenton High School, told WKYC Channel 3 News,”Tyler  was one of those kids who never missed lifting he never missed anything that had to do with football. He was one of the hardest working kids we’ve had in our program and he deserved everything he had, unfortunately it didn’t happen.”Generalize all you want. Arkansas… should have known. Only 20 miles from that hell hole.
Kent State University released a statement shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening:Stachia Leslie white Christian guys have been committing acts of terror over here, where have you been?
Today, the Kent State University family mourns the tragic loss of one of our student-athletes, freshman football player Tyler Heintz. Tyler was transported to a local hospital by paramedics this morning following football conditioning drills at Dix Stadium. The cause of death is not yet known.Stachia Leslie I can name Christian Terrorists that have committed acts of terrorism since Tim McVeigh:Anthony Alapaki Ahkoi great words  I’ll bet most of the people on this thread
Tyler was from Kenton, Ohio, and planned to study marketing and entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration. Tyler was recruited as a rising star on our offensive line.met anyone who is Muslim. The vicious verbal attacks on this thread is your liberal trademark. You have no idea who the Muslims in London 
Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Tyler’s family and friends, as well as Coach Haynes and the team, our athletics staff and our student-athletes. are but you will viciously attack your fellow American for making a comment. I’ll also bet the majority of the people on this thread have 

It’s the second tragedy in two days for KSU.You really seem like you may be a nice person underneath all the hate and fear that has been shoved in to your head 
The oldest daughter in a triple homicide in North Royalton was also a Kent State University student.


So I hope you take the time and research all the right wing, domestic terror and how it is a far more pressing concern. I honestly just wanted to show you how it would feel to be generalized, to be put in a box because of ONE trait about you, not for your individuality or who you actually are.

Carrie Anderson The sad thing is religion should bring good thoughts, nice thoughts, even thoughts that God would say. The sad thing is, it tears apart more than it does good. If you pray to a God, then by all mean pray to good, not condemn something you have no clue about..

Alvaro Morales Poor snowflakes, they have no idea what they’re talking about. Poor racist bigots, if only they had enough brains and incentive to do some real research instead of believing everything that comes out of Fox News

Hosagi Matissmo Taishou Kathryn Marie the psychiatrist I meet and a tri-monthly basis is Muslim. His name is Dr Mohammed Bari. I meet with him for a 30 minute session every 3 months. He knows that I am atheist. He knows I am there to the medicine I require to function normall…See More

Dustin Percle The supposedly Christian United States has massacred and killed people all over the world for as long as it’s existed. Our terrorism is played like a video game from computer screens inside jets and tanks. We somehow think we’re so different because we send out bombs at a distance as if that’s any better than beheading someone. It’s less personal is all.

Mon Williams Would you blame Christianity for every Christian who commits a crime? Before you spread lies you should do some research on their believes. Thousands have been murdered in the name of Jesus since the beginning of Christianity
Hosagi Matissmo Taishou Mon Williams you are right. Christians love to point out the flaws in other religions while ignoring the skeletons in their own closet. I dont remember anyone blaming all of Catholicism for the actions of the Catholic Priests who rape little boys. And then try to hide it by moving the pedophile to another community

Shannon Kathleen The religion isn’t killing anyone… A person is. That’s about as logical as people who are against the 2nd amendment because guns kill people…  no people kill people.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow Very noticeable you haven’t been much out of the door lately. Fox keeping you busy, John? And you say you are a *christian*? well well.

Safaa Alshami you are so harsh she was nice enough to bring roses to show peace and u telling her that she shouldn’t bring roses you make it seem that it was her relative that did the terrisom and that she is happy in what the person did to innocent people

Torrence Moss Why, at least here in America, are Muslims expected to give support to victims and the victim’s families of Muslim terrorist? But so called Christians are oddly silent on the violent actions of Evangelicals. Such as the Evangelicals who yanked a gay man off the street and proceeded to “beat the gay demons” out of him.

Nathan Smith Jr. Good on them, sad their faith always has to be brought up and they seemingly always have to go the extra mile to vindicate themselves.

Suzi Shell “Muslims should condemn terror attacks!” But when one does you scream and say it’s not enough. You guys froth at the mouth like rabid dogs. She could be standing over the body of a member of Isis and it wouldn’t be enough for you. For people who condemn ignorance you guys are full to the brim with it.

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