Christian Couple Margaret and Nelson Evoy celebrated their 78th anniversary.

Margaret and Nelson met at an Ottawa skating rink when she was 13 and he was 14 and got married a few years later. They just celebrated their 78th anniversary.
OTTAWA – There was no way a snowstorm was going to get in the way of this celebration. After all, 78 years of marriage isn’t something that can be celebrated very often.

Five generations of family made sure it was a grand party as they braved the elements on Feb. 12 to celebrate Margaret and Nelson Evoy’s 78 years of fruitful and happy married life.
They were joined by Merv and Jessica Sullivan, representatives of World Wide Marriage Encounter (WWME), who presented the Evoys with the Longest Married Couple in Canada award. The worldwide apostolate, which began in the United States as a Catholic movement almost 50 years ago though it is open to people of other denominations, created the award four years ago to highlight the importance of marriage.


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