Obituary : This beautiful human being, Mike Patty is dead

This beautiful human being, Mike Patty, moved to heaven this morning. This picture shows him doing one of his favorite things...singing bass for a Jay Rouse session. My big/little brother. Even tho he was 2 years younger than me, I always thought of him as my big brother. The love that he had for everyone he met is unmatched. And oh how he loves his family. 

My prayer these past few weeks as he battled fiercely with cancer, was that he could have no pain and sweet goodbyes. He had all of that and more! The last time he and I had a wonderful visit that included laughter, words, hugs, amends, tears, stories.....and lots of 70's music. Michael you have left a legacy of love. Some people get many more years in quantity of life. But Michael got more QUALITY of life than many people ever achieve. You are already so missed my big/little brother! I love your jokes. I love your funny sayings. 

I love your hugs. I'm so glad you are out of pain !!! I can only imagine. You can SEE! Hug Grandma Patty for me. She'll rub your back!

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