Obituary : The Rev. Lianchinkhup Taithul, a DeKalb County minister, was killed in a train crash Sunday.

Last year, the 67-year-old pastor started a church to serve fellow Zo people from the Myanmar region. He worked outside of the church helping new immigrants, who were mostly refugees, navigate American society.
Lianchinkhup Taithul died Sunday when his car stopped for unknown reasons and was struck by a train on North Clarendon Avenue. 
Rev. George Tatro hasn’t yet heard where his friend was headed that night, but he figures he must’ve been off to assist someone.
“He was always on the run helping people,” Tatro said Wednesday. “He was always working.”
Tatro is pastor of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, which, along with Peachtree Presbyterian, helped get the new Zo Presbyterian Church off the ground in Stone Mountain. 

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