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Obituary : Ex-Super Bowl winner, scout Derrick Jensen dies at 60

RENTON, Wash. -- Derrick Jensen, a two-time Super Bowl winner as a running back and longtime Seattle Seahawks scout, has died after a five-year battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. He was 60.

The Seahawks announced that Jensen died Friday morning. He retired as a scout in 2012 as the illness began to take a toll on his ability to work.

He was a two-time Super Bowl winner as a player and longtime Seattle Seahawks scout, has died after a five-year battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. He was 60. The Seahawks announced that Jensen died Friday morning.

Today another Raider died of ALS. Two-time NFL Super Bowl Champion player Derrick Jensen, age 60, lost a 5-year battle to this horrific disease that has been linked to CTE progresssion in athletes. It is unknown at this time if his brain will be donated and tested for CTE.

Sometimes I find quotes on subjects, transcribing them from a podcast, from a book or article. I have no clue where I found this Derrick Jensenquote. That’s fine. Christianity was suppose to be a benefit to the world yet the moment the Romans nailed #Jesus to a tree, it seems that people have been trying to exploit the religion to their advantage. Constantine, instead of turning the other cheek, raised an army and painted a cross on their shields, setting for the next 2000 years a precedence of violence and subjugation. That being said, the Bible still allowed slavery, segregation, misogyny and a host of other atrocities, and not to understand that is foolish. After rediscovering this quote, I look forward to reading more work by Darrick Jensen. Share if you agree.

What are you reading for #worldbookday ?? I just finished Derrick Jensen's latest and can't recommend it enough. Powerful writing on the most destructive myth we've ever let ourselves believe. Read, share, repeat.
"People protect what's important to them, and human supremacists have shown time and time again that their sense of superiority...is more important to them than not destroying the capacity of this planet to support life, including, ironically, their own." -Derrick Jensen, "The Myth of Human Supremacy", 2016.

For now I merely wish to state that I would [do] not want to hear one word of complaint about any water shortage so long as there exists even a single golf course or lawn between Las Vegas and the Pacific Ocean, or so long as one swimming pool remains filled, or so long as one alfalfa or cotton field in Arizona or citrus orchard in California remains unparched. The same is true for manufacturing facilities. We are not “running out of water.” Agriculture and industry are using it all. Dams could go and people could still have water: water to drink, cook with, and bathe in. Not to keep their f**king lawns green. Make no mistake: these waters are not being murdered to serve humans, and the humans who do not have access to water—and many millions of these people die each year—are not being murdered because there is not enough water. They are being murdered so the civilized can build computers, so they can play golf, so they can grow cotton in the desert, so they can have lawns. And you and I both know that the civilized will not give up their golf and their lawns and their swimming pools and their cheap cotton, no matter the cost to humans, no matter the cost to the planet.
Derrick Jensen
- pp. 855 of chapter entitled The Crash
from “Endgame, Volume II: Resistance”

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