Thursday, January 26

Death Obituary : Jenna Taylor , mother of 4 dies after being hit by truck while cycling in gilbert

GILBERT, Ariz. -  A fatal crash involving a truck and a bicyclist shut down the intersection of Val Vista Drive and Ray Road Wednesday morning. Full Story  

People are paying tributes on social media.

So heartbreaking to hear. Jenna Taylor was the sweetest soul. My hear goes out to Cam and their kids. I'm so so sorry. 💔😭
Sending love and comforting light

Oh Jenna Taylor ...Seems like only moments passed since we chatted, now you are gone. I'm not sure that this tragedy has fully sunk. I glance at the last text you sent and I cannot believe that I will never receive another. You were quite a new friend, but when we chatted or joked it was like we have known each other for decades. I will always remember your infectious laughter, your lively spirit and how good you were with your kiddos. You are so missed. I pray for the family that you left behind, may God give them strength and soften their grief at such a painful time.

Stephen Roberts Terrible. I have no idea who is at fault but bike Lanes on busy roads are a terrible idea. I feel it gives bikers too much of sense of comfort. There are so many trails to ride...not worth the risk! Nikki Roberts

Denise Jurgens So sad. One block from my house and I had to go around the intersection right after it happened on my way to work. Heartbroken for the family. Prayers for all involved.

Alayna Marie Jimenez Breaks my heart as a mother of 6, she has gifted the world 4 children and she will protect them as their guardian angel:( God Bless this family!!

Gina Pastore So very very sad. Her poor children and husband. My heart aches for them. 

Although I don't road bike anymore I've cycled past that intersection so many times ... it could have been me or any number of people I know that run or ride. Very tragic 😞

Jazmine Hinojos I saw the intersection closed on my way to work this morning. The truck that hit her was still there. It was a pretty big sized vehicle. So sad!

Susan Plummer I'm at that intersection daily during the school year.... traffic heading up and down Val Vista is just crazy...45mph is just a starting place. Bike riders are negligent too; against traffic, on the sidewalks, and ignoring lights. WALK defensively [as if NO ONE sees you] RIDE your bicycle defensively.. and use both eyes when you drive, anticipate stupid moves.

Patricia Heater So sad. I've been on both sides of this issue. Have to be really cautious in a marked crosswalk with lights flashing because some drivers will blow right past me as I try to step into the crosswalk. But, have also been driving and had a cyclist deliberately dart in front it me near Old Town Scottsdale, and not even try to go into the bike lane, like he was playing a game, and frankly, if I hadn't slammed on my brakes, I'd have hit him. We have lots of bike lanes, but they seem so narrow when you realize how fast even 25-40mph is when it's tons of steel right beside that bike.

Donna Mackey Wertz This happens all to often. Prayers to the family and to the driver of the truck. Such a tragedy for all those involved.

James Davy That is horrible! How did this happen exactly? It was 8am, not 4 in the morning before the sun came up.

Lisá Carter Bike lanes = stupidest idea! Arizonans can't even drive on the right side of the highway!

Julia Van Linda Rest In Peace sweetheart. Prayers to your husband and kids...

Gina Beeman Her poor family.... Those precious babies..... Her husband.. My heart hurts so bad for them.

Joe Jameson Volanti Literally 200 yards from my front door. It's tough out there in the morning for both sides. Terrible this had to happen.

MJ Nazareno This is so sad. I don't trust drivers in Arizona most people don't know how drive. Everybody seems to be in a hurry all the time.

Sandy Roff So very sad for this family .. thoughts and prayers to all involved ...

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