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Bible Verse John 10 10 - John 10 Commentary

John Chapter 10 Commentary.

 God wants to bless you, but He is going to use somebody to give it to you - you have to have relationships. You are either about to receive or release a transfer in your life - you are constantly sowing or reaping. Everything that is going to come to you is going to come through a transfer. The enemy wants to isolate you so don’t get the full deposit of what God wants to give you (John 10:10).

The enemy wants to keep you in a mindset that makes you believe all you need is God so you never allow yourself to be vulnerable and connect with others in relationships. The enemy wants to keep you at odds with those you are in relationship with because He knows that any discord will stop the transfer that God wants to use to bless you (Matthew 18:20). You need more than God in your life (Genesis 2:18; Psalm 133:1)! He is going to make someone the doorkeeper to your next blessing - Everything you are seeking Him for is coming through someone you need to be in relationship with (Mathew 7:7).

You will never be who you were created to be if you cannot receive the transfer. Don’t miss what God has for you because you refuse to connect with others - you need relationships!

Geneva Polk Amen. Mercy . He is hitting some things right on the nail.
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Yarnike Nicole
Yarnike Nicole Yesterday's service was truly a blessing. Thank you Bishop.
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Rose Grant i am the good shepherd 

Rose Grant Thankyou Jesus Christ, you all ready did, but I could use more, Blessings, Amen.
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CRena Blackmon
CRena Blackmon Amen God bless you for this on time message claiming victory in Jesus name!!LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 hr
Sheila Hancock
Sheila Hancock Sometimes it's more peaceful to be alone,... not feeling other people's thoughts, judgments and attitudes.
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Nolee Moloro bible commentary john 10 
commentary on john 10 
Nolee Moloro I receive the blessing in my life in Jesus mighty name, Amen
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Jasmine Wright
Jasmine Wright Andrew J. Richard. Omg you came to mind and then I see you liked the post already .. get ready brother .. it's about relationships!!! OMG 
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Lillian Johnson
Lillian Johnson I receive this word over my life in Jesus Name ..... El Shaddai ..
The All Sufficient One!!! ♡
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Alpha Mukendi
Alpha Mukendi Amen!
OhLord! I need relationships!Help me to find the best ones!
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Michelle Louise Baber-Walker
Michelle Louise Baber-Walker I believe God and I receive everyone and every good and perfect gift He has for me, with deep gratitude, in the Name of Jesus, AMEN & AMEN!! :)
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Adeyemi Omololu Opeyemi
Adeyemi Omololu Opeyemi This is my man....any day, any time. You are a bundle of inspiration Sir. May your unction never run dry. Amen.
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Lisa J Masiba
Lisa J Masiba Amen, it's true that God works in miraculous ways. Before I came across this post I received an inbox from a woman that saw my post on a Group for Jobs, she gave me an email address to forward my cv. I don't know her but she decided to make an effort and send me a message. The point of this post is what I have came across in the post about a transfer, for that I say I receive the transfer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
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Brenda Tusubira
Brenda Tusubira God show me the right people to relate with through the power of the holy Spirit
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Lucky Mavundla
Lucky Mavundla Father God show me the right relationship so I may receive my blessing. Amen
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Susan Benn
Susan Benn Hallelujah! I'm gonna put a Praise On it! Thank you Jesus ! bible my sheep know my voice 
jesus came to give life abundantly 
Amen. My answers will be Yes.
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Davidson Hlalo
Davidson Hlalo I have waited for Him all my life. I sometimes feel He has forsaken me.
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Joy Olawole
Joy Olawole I key into this words may God connect me to a person or relationship that will leads me to my glory,in Jesus name. Amen
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Etrulia Hurst
Etrulia Hurst Amen a relation with God and a relation with man. Love others as God has loved you
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William Watkins
William Watkins Amen Amen Amen Thank You I Really Needed To Hear This Mighty Message This Morning AMEN
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Pumzile Gqada
Pumzile Gqada Lead me to the right ones (relationships) oh Lord, AMEN.
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Rebecca LaBelle Laratte
Rebecca LaBelle Laratte Kia Moore you remember the convo you had with the men?!
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Juarez-Mims Doralia  i have come that you may have life 
explain john 10 
Juarez-Mims Doralia Whew Bishop u said a whole lot, but I tend to run and shut down "relationships", hurts too much...But God! Lord help me!!!
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Tynet Samoan Hayes
Tynet Samoan Hayes What if people don't want to be in a relationship with you?
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Michael Kgasane
Michael Kgasane Knocking on heaven's door, there will be an answer and God's will be done.
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Robin Michelle Huey-Godbolt
Robin Michelle Huey-Godbolt Amen Amen hallelujah I claim it in the name of Jesus that God will bless me with a miracle blessing next.
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Barbara Baltzegar
Barbara Baltzegar Good morning , n thank u Bishop 4 the word Jesus Loves u Man ! 
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Valerie Saunders
Valerie Saunders Amen...my doorkeeper is here! So greatful for your blessings!
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Christine Gitau
Christine Gitau Amen & Amen. I receive my transfer of blessings in Jesus mighty name. Thank uou Lord for my door keeper.
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Shelia Lyonss
Shelia Lyonss I receive thank you Jesus amazing amen MY Father is Amazing and Awesome to me God you are Good
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Olubukola A Adesina
Olubukola A Adesina God I Desiree divine relationship from heaven upon me. Oh Lord. Thanks u Jesus
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Carolyn Daniels
Carolyn Daniels Amen and Amen I receive my transfer. Jesus Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen and Amen.
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Ihuoma Nwankpa
Ihuoma Nwankpa I receive the manifetation of the prophecy,I'll miss the trasfer in Jesus gracious name.Ameeeeen!!!!!

what does 1010 mean in the bible 
my sheep hear my voice and they know me 

Both egalitartian and complimentarian views teach "men and women are... equal in worth and moral status before God." It's called ontological equality, where they differ is in the roles (economy) in the home and the church based on the household codes etc. You should correct the error in your article.
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9 of 13 abundant life ministries 
abundant life christian center 
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Eternity News
Eternity News Malcolm You are quite right to point out how difficult these words are. We kept it brief, and concentrated on the practical effect on these positions. That is not a coded way of supporting one or the other.
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Darren Middleton
Darren Middleton Anne Lim Eternity News I appreciate your attempt to be even-handed. Props for that.
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Eternity News
Eternity News Darren, appreciate that. John S
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Sharon Letchford abundant life christian ministries 
life abundance bible church 
Sharon Letchford 'Equal but different' is no great departure from 'separate but equal'

There are no 'buts'. Equal - period.
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Kate Pass
Kate Pass My reading of of Genesis is that humanity as a whole reflects the image of God. Our mutual dependence on each other relies on our differences being used for the good of the other. I don't understand how one can argue men and women are not different? If we were not different why would God make humanity male and female in his likeness?
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Kate Pass
Kate Pass I really dislike equal "but" different. How about "and"?
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what does abundant mean
Sharon Letchford
Sharon Letchford Darren: what do you think differentiates the 'ontological' and the 'economical' in the way we live out our faith?
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Darren Middleton
Darren Middleton Sharon Letchford While I suspect you will still object, the slogan is best described as "equal AND different." You may not agree the Bible teaches that, but you would be demonstrably wrong to suggest there is no "AND" when it comes to equal. 

You can...See More
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Darren Middleton
Darren Middleton Sharon Letchford Sorry I missed your question while responding to your other comment. The role the Bible gives to the husband, wife, children etc in the way they relate to each other in the home. So the husband can have the role of leading without any sense of ontological superiority, or difference.
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John Okoronkwo

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Sheryl Sarkoezy
Sheryl Sarkoezy Anglican? From what I heard there were many Baptist and Presbyterian congregations represented. Fact check?
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Eternity News
Eternity News Renee Sheedy, Eternity has attempted to put what was said on the conference platforms and responses to that fairly. No one has been attacked - but simply reported.
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Alex James Backler
Alex James Backler Regardless of your position on this issue this is just a sloppy article, even the basic definition of Complementarian and Egalitarian is wrong. Also no mention of contact or comment anyone from the organisation which is a basic journalistic practice...
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Eternity News
Eternity News Alex, you are right - we have changed the definition of "egalitarian" We are trying to be fair to both sides of the debate. Thanks for your comment. John S
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Renee Sheedy
Renee Sheedy Was the writer of the article there? Or is this just all second hand information? 
The conference was great and I left feeling empowered and thankful to God for being a woman and having the privilege of being a 'helper'. 
So I'm not sure if you can claim that it offended 'many' of the women...
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Eternity News
Eternity News Anne Lim was at the conference. It is clear that women had a range of different responses to the conference. Some loved it, others did not. Eternity is not trying to assess which view was in the majority. John S
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Simon Camilleri
Simon Camilleri I do agree as some have expressed here, that if a Christian is going to publicly quote and criticise another Christian, it possibly would have been more generous to seek to make contact with Carmelina Read first - at least to avoid misunderstanding or misrepresenting her and at worst to avoid any accusation of slander. 

I hope people aren't deterred from attending the Equip 2018 conference next year.
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Eternity News
Eternity News Indeed, I agree.
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Pensee ForThought
Pensee ForThought It is beyond me to see how anyone can think that a few online comments and a short article with a catchy pic and title is adequate to completely discredit a thoroughly put together, well thought out conference that is trying to encompass the key points...See More
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Annalese Morris
Annalese Morris Thanks for writing this article Anne Lim. It appears that you are receiving a lot of flack but your words resonated with my thoughts on Carmelina's talk. I usually come away from Equip feeling encouraged but the last talk left me feeling confused and deflated. The examples Carmelina chose to use were ill thought through. The 6 women I spoke with immediately after the conference were equally confused and dissapointed in the second half of the talk. You were not the only one to have these thoughts and you should have the right to express them without being questioned or ridiculed.
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Jen Wright
Jen Wright Carmelina's talk was indeed challenging. For her too, as she shared where she has been on this path. She did not say that short hair is wrong, but used it as an example of some ways some people choose to feel empowered by feeling more masculine. It is not about an act, but an attitude. She was on about celebrating us as women. All the speakers and presenters humbly and thoroughly worked through difficult issues and passages to present the conference on Saturday and I thank God for their preparation, humility and wisdom.
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Cathy Bulfin
Cathy Bulfin a. It wasn't an Anglican conference. It was a women's conference, attended by women from Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist and probably other denominations. Several woman (including myself) attended from our Presbyterian church.

b. I don't believe anyth...See More
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Katharine Gardner
Katharine Gardner I a Christian woman but I don't understand how people can think men and women are the same .. the are equal in value and worth but Why would God need to make both men and women if we were just the same he could have made us a single gendered species but he chose not to he made us different and he made us different for a purpose it wasn't a mistake ! 
He made them male and female and It was very good (genesis ch1)

I'm glad men and women are different. 

There are issues in society about abuse and misogyny but that's a result of sin not God design
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Jen Wright
Jen Wright This is where Carmelina was coming from, sharing her personal stubbornness and then humility before God's word when faced with these passages that appear to grate against us as intelligent and capable women...then to realise that God has made us intelligent and capable
with His word being good and right and true. And that the two work together beautifully if we embrace God's way...

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