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Alaska Volcano Eruption 2017 : Bogoslof volcano in Alaska sends ash clouds over 35,000ft high

Bogoslof volcano in Alaska sends ash clouds over 35,000ft high, triggers aviation alert
The Bogoslof volcano in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska erupted on 28 May, sending ash clouds as far as 35,000ft up in the sky.

The eruption resulted in the Aviation Color Code to be raised to red, the highest possible level by the Alaska Volcano Observatory.  Full Story.

In 1992, it was thought that volcanic degassing released something like 100 million tons of CO2 each year. Around the turn of the millennium, this figure was getting closer to 200. The most recent estimate, released this February, comes from a team led by Mike Burton, of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology – and it’s just shy of 600 million tons. It caps a staggering trend: A six-fold increase in just two decades. A single year of volcanic eruptions voids all the work of CO2 emission-reduction from the 5 years prior. It's an endless cycle of natural forces. The more CO2 and SO2 that get released, the less volcanic eruptions. The less CO2 and SO2 in the air, the more volcanic eruptions occur. When's the last time there was a massive volcanic eruption?

Eric Haugen I thought it was very funny when Mr Selwood said.."i'll be buggered..there's a shark in my boat !!" lol yes sir...for sure !!
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Joey Valk where are the aleutian islands 
Joey Valk This story so unds half-baked. I very much doubt the shark just up and jumped into his boat. He was probably illegally fishing these sharks, or he was fishing something else and accidentally caught this one.

Have you ever seen a White Shark jump out of the water? They tend to go straight up and then straight back down into the water.
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thick billed murre 
Greg Stephens
Greg Stephens Sounds more like they caught a baby GW and it died , now theyr'e scared because it's a protected species 2.7 pffftttt more like 1.7 I have caught bigger Flathead than that ...... put the poor thing back in major volcanic eruptions 

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Trey Gilland  westernmost aleutian island 
fur night and day 
Trey Gilland sorta funny although it sucks he got hurt...but sharks are usually very active around this time of year.not a good idea to be surfing/sailing/kayaking while on your period or having a staring contest with one when its migrating season.
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Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant And just before it happened, the shark turned to his buddies and said " I saw this in a movie once. Hold my beer..."
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Betsy Taylor Sergomassov
Betsy Taylor Sergomassov Holy Cow! Now this is what I was afraid of, every time I was out in the river in a boat. A porpoise popped up beside me when I was in a small wooden skiff in the canal & I nearly swallowed my tongue before I recognized him. (Also a mullet jumped & hit me in the head in same small boat but I had a hat on so he did not hurt me.
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Teresa Visciarelli fur seal diet 
fur seal vs sea lion 

Teresa Visciarelli Such an unfortunae mishap... What a story to tell the grandchildren... Happy Mr. Selwood is fine... Shark must have been on a suicide mission... I agree with Maddi Richardson - scared to death of the ocean... If left alone, no animals would attack people but he was sitting there like a sitting duck... OMG, I would have simply had a heart attack and the shark could have had me for lunch...
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Gwen Clark
Gwen Clark I would have killed that sucker too....and ate him later !!!No shark is worth a single human life. I would love to see one of these sweet pea bleeding hearts wrestle that monster, from the bottom of that boat, then lift his big ass up and heave him over the side. Wonder what he weighed ...probably close to 300 lbs. These loonies don't have a clue !
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Paula Green
Paula Green It was too bad they couldn't save the shark. Also, shark attack? Who was in whose habitat?
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most recent volcano eruption 
active volcanoes in alaska 

Maddi Richardson This is why I hate the ocean and people say but hey your safe in a boat! No! Not going anywhere unless it's a navy boat and armed to the teeth to counter these demons!
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Christopher Duganberry
Christopher Duganberry They can and do jump out of the water to catch prey. WHY this one chose to jump near this man's boat makes me wonder if he was luring it in...trying to catch it...baiting it.alaska flight 29 

recently erupted volcanoes 

what was the last volcano to erupt 
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Phillip Etorma
Phillip Etorma This version of The Old Man and the Sea would've been like two pages.
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David Ricketts
David Ricketts "You're gonna need a bigger boat!"

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