Tuesday, January 31

Prosperity is not Measured by How Much You Have, But How Much You Gave

“But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” —2 Corinthians 9:6–7
Jesus became poor so we could become rich. God does not give us money, He gives us the power, anointing, and ability to prosper. It is our job to believe we are blessed and to take a step of faith to do something about it. Giving is a step of faith that turns our focus to God and moves us into position to receive from Him!

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Bible verses on false prophets - Jer 23:21

True prophecy will bring liberty to the individual and not bondage. Any form of control over another person by intimidation, manipulation or domination is witchcraft. False prophecy will lead to witchcraft.

Spiritual dependency on any person to receive a word from the Lord is not a healthy relationship. A church or prayer group led by a pope or popette is on the road to confusion, deception, and control by the persons upon whom it becomes dependent.
Hear me! Don’t get hooked on anyone but Jesus!

Carol Collins Amen thank you so much pastor Hagee, keep on preching filling use with our lords glory hallelujah praise Jesus Christ Amen priase his mighty name hallelujah our king of kings Jesus Christ Amen, thank you lord for pastor Hagee amen

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Thompson Shawna
Thompson Shawna Thank you for sharing <3 a="" and="" are="" decided="" environment="" family="" find="" for="" friend="" home.="" home="" homeless="" i="" living="" mother="" move="" my="" now="" of="" out="" p="" permanent="" please="" practice="" pray="" safety="" soon.="" staying="" struggling="" thank="" that="" to="" until="" we="" were="" who="" witchcraft="" with="" you="">Like · Reply false prophets in the bible

Joe Gladson
Joe Gladson Precisely said !
Indeed a great and useful message to most of the today's church goers.
The theme is one amongst the modes of last days deception which is happening everywhere in the Christendom.
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Like · Reply · 11 hrsMkhuseli Mbadu Amen Pastor John Hagee. "Don't get hooked on anyone but Jesus", I love that sir may you continue to nurture us with these words of wisdom from God through Christ Jesus.
Makhosazane Thobekile Mnguni
Makhosazane Thobekile Mnguni Amen Pastor for the word of warning, we are living in the last day. False prophets are all out to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Let us watch and pray for the spirit of decernment.
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Sherry Ferguson
Sherry Ferguson Thank you, Pastor Hagee. I love reading your devotional every day. Most of the time, it is EXACTLY what I need to hear!!!!!!!
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RA Hardware
RA Hardware Witchcraft indeed,it thrives thru intimidation,manipulation,mind control.
I thank God that my church is not one of them.
Our church is in real Bible truth,we study the Bible doctrine with out plus or minus.
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Monty Ford
false pastors who are the prophets in the bible what does the bible say about false prophets how many prophets are in the bible Monty Ford Amen Pastor John! Intimidation, Minupilation and Control in the Church is such a terrible thing. Many lives have been destroyed through it. Why can't we get rid of it ?
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Rosalie Barlan
how to know false prophets how do you know if you have a prophetic gift Rosalie Barlan Amen..pastor john hagee..thanks for the word of God that you are post here in a website..its truly inspiration and giving strength for us.keep it up and GOD BLESS!
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Nadia Dos Santos
Nadia Dos Santos Thank you Pastor Haggie for your devotional words every day. It is a BLESSING and gives me a lots of encouragement.
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Mike Jones
Mike Jones Thank you Jesus.
Heavily father ,this life can be so hard and painful.But you.
You are right there with us,loving us,holding us,And you promise never to leave us or forsake us.
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bible verses about prophecy false prophets in the last days Fiona Walford Love you Paster. keep on,keeping on.let the words that we r now feeding our souls on be a light unto our feet and a light unto our path. Blessed be the name of our Lord.
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Charles Stiltner
Charles Stiltner Thanks again pastor Hagee. Once again I must agree with you on this subject. I remember a time when that very thing almost destroyed me. It is more common than people think.
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Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris Whooo pastor Hagee this on target. MANY people are looking for self recognition and adore anyone seeking them for prophecy. I broke a friendship because this person wanted prophecy CONSTANTLY. I told her repeatedly to read the bible and seek God, the Lord doesn't share His glory with anyone. It's in His word.
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Jareth Jareth
Jareth Jareth May God continue to bless you & your family as you all lead many in the way of truth & in the ways of Love.
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James Doolittle
James Doolittle Thanks for a wonderful television sermon today Pastor Hagee! You're The Best!.Amen
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Mithun Chakravarthy
Mithun Chakravarthy True. Witchcraft in churches is occurring centuries onwards.
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Kenny Kabambe
Kenny Kabambe Papa i love your boldness you don't fear any one not even death may the almighty God bless you and sheld you and your family amen
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how many prophets are there in the bible what does the bible say about prophets Olawale Adesina Fawale
Olawale Adesina Fawale Amen. More grace and anointing Papa Hagge.
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Jakeline Buitrago
Jakeline Buitrago JESÚS mi REY Y SEÑOR!
AMÉN. Graciasss total Verdad!
Shalóm Pastor Hagee!
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Samuel Medaliang
Samuel Medaliang Wonderful message. Very relevant for our time. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Pastor for sharing.
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Mário Sergio Fortunato
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Olowo Christiana Funmilayo
Olowo Christiana Funmilayo #this is the main problem we having in our churches today. May God help us#
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Rose Bilha
Rose Bilha God bless you for the eye opening message across the board. Live long to inspire even the coming generation.
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Nas Doughter
Nas Doughter Thanks pastor Hagee so many people needed to hear this! God bless you.
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Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Amen. Please keep praying my sister health and my mom health. They need Gods miracle. Thank you
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Charles Odongo Otim
Charles Odongo Otim Thanks Pr Hagee, such kind of prophecy becomes Fortune telling, that was rebuked by Apostles from one girl. Thanks, Amen.
Beth Karanja
Beth Karanja Amen God bless you pastor, continue preaching the gospel, for the reward comes from Him, in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

Monday, January 30

DEATH OBITUARY : Noted runner Theresa McCourt, 58, dies from injuries suffered in Sacramento crash

Theresa McCourt, a prominent person in the Sacramento running community who suffered critical injuries when she was hit be a vehicle last week, has died.
Theresa McCourt, 58, who was memory impaired, went missing from her home in the 4200 block of U Street about 9 a.m. Thursday, Sacramento police said. Officers searched the neighborhood and other locations into the evening for McCourt.
People are paying tributes on social media.
Michele Theakston So very sorry for her family and friends. What a tragic thing to happen.😢💔

Marcene Gandolfo Theresa was such a wonderful person. It was a blessing just to know her. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband and son.

Cyndi Torres So sad. She was such a sweet soul.

Cathy Gill So sorry for your loss. Prayers for the family

Liz Friend Oh, what sad sad news.

Elle Loy How Sad. My condolences to her family 😥💔

DEATH OBITUARY : Preston Henn, owner of Fort Lauderdale's famed Swap Shop has passed away

REST IN PEACE - Preston Henn, owner of Fort Lauderdale's famed Swap Shop has passed away at age 86 of natural causes. Interesting and brilliant man, was well respected for his business acumen.

Henn founded the Swap Shop in 1963.
He has been the focus of several controversies, including a multimillion-dollar settlement over counterfeit goods being sold at the Swap Shop. 

Lenny Yasmin Hanna Omg....that was my first Boss. I was wondering why I haven't seen him in such a long time.

Joel S. Slotnick People may not care about some of you who feel it necessary to still post, but there are people who cared about him.#EmptyTombstoneLikeYourHearts

Glenda Osorno Avinash Mohanlall he won't be playing at the casino anymore .

Erick Fuentes Now I understand why those ferraris were park in the floor all the time. He didn't have the desire to drive them

Beremy Jeremy I remember when him and the Broward Sheriff's Office had a big blow out years ago...

Robert Maldonado you can cheat the people but you cannot cheat death I hope you have a lot of water where you're going

Sharon Gordon Mullane I am so sorry to learn of the passing of Preston Henn. I have known him for so long and used to be a neighbor of his in Hillsboro Beach. May he rest in peace and may his loved ones and loyal friends be comforted during these difficult days.

Tiffany Schry Oh my... Sissy Gaharan... you must tell David about this one. David loves on the swap shop in Fort Lauderdale and I'm sure a man of his stature/profession likely knew the owner

Sunday, January 29

DEATH OBITUARY : 20-year-old BayleeYbarra Gatlin of Ventura died after attending Lightning in a Bottle

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office has identified the woman who died after attending Lightning in a Bottle. She was 20-year-old BayleeYbarra Gatlin of Ventura. New details here: http://bit.ly/2ryRaj9
(Facebook photo)

A family member of BayleeYbarra Gatlin posted the following on facebook.

Our beautiful angel, Baylee has been ripped from us at only 20 years old. It is so hard to comprehend why god would choose to take her from us all. A bright shining star in a universe of love and kindness. It still does not seem real. Baylee is our niece, Baylee Gatlin meant the world to our entire families. God has a plan for you sunshine, and now we wait and morn the passing of your soul to see what is in store for you. We all love you with all of our hearts. We will all be together again on the other side. We love you, love you, love you, love you. (oh, and I have one last bag of purple Skittles for you my love,
Love you forever,
Aunt Wacki

More people are paying tributes on social media.
Kristin Anderson Nolan So so sorry this happened to you.. May the Lord take you in his arms, and your family.. you are a beautiful soul and this was simply your time.. rest in peace and I will pray for your parents to also find peace.

Reply38 mins
Gabriella Dorado What's sad is the lack of knowledge and care that some people have for themselves while attending these festivals. Personally being at lightning in a bottle over the weekend, I can admit it has majorly strayed away from it's purpose/intent on the community. Please be careful out there, take care of your body, and know your limits. On Saturday night I saw this actually happening and it's heartbreaking.

1 hr
Shawn Wright So sad to see a young person gone so soon. I can only think of my children and hope they make good decisions

3 hrs
Amber Gustilo What a beautiful young lady rest in Jesus arms may god comfort her family and friends during this difficult time

4 hrsEdited
Sabrina Elizabeth Bravo Prayers to the family and friends and god bless her young soul

Reply35 mins
Robin Cox Kosmala Hope they up their Medic Care, so sad. Prayers for family.

Reply4 hrs
Celeste Pina Virtue Such a beautiful young lady. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her loved ones.

4 hrs
Dave Liebowitz Prayers. A memorial page was created as a tribute to her life. https://www.everipedia.com/baylee-gatlin/

Reply48 mins
Sunshine Cheek Thank you for always being so kind to Ashton, B, we'll miss you.