Obituary ; Tony Davis death , Martinsville city worker dies in workplace accident Tuesday morning

By | December 7, 2016
 A Martinsville city employee died during a workplace accident on Tuesday morning, according to the city.
Tony Davis, a public works employee with 27 years of service, was operating a tractor mower on Corn Tassel Trail at about 10:30 a.m., just south of the intersection with Sam Lions Trail, when a tree fell onto the cab of the tractor, seriously injuring him, according to a news release from the city.
The tractor continued a short distance south on Corn Tassel Trail, eventually breaking a utility pole and coming to a stop on the opposite side of the street. Full Story 


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We need to go to Church instead of watching these sporting events run by a bunch of crooks and yes Jesus will be here soon Amen.

 Perhaps the FBI should also investigate NIKE, large coporate sponsors, pharmaceuticals, and wall street too. Just my thoughts.

 Oh, we’ve known for too long that something was not right at U of L…look at all of the scandals surrounding Pitino and Jursic always cleaned up his messes.

 The sports world is on fire and losing respect from all angles. Corrupt coaches, players who do drugs, rape, assault, drink and drive, lack respect for the flag! Maybe people will get back to doing what’s best for the family, their kids, spend some time together doing meaningful things instead of supporting and providing a lavish lifestyle for those who can’t handle it nor deserve it!!

 I really do not understand how a college level ‘basketball coach’ can earn 7.8 Million dollars in a year, yet we only pay qualified, objective school teachers who educate our young adults mere pennies.

No matter what the findings or outcome how many incidents must it take before total confidence in U of L athletic programs are completely destroyed. No high school stand out would even consider U of L now? The athletic programs especiall basketball is probably deminished and set back 10 yrs.

 Coach Pitino seems to be a repeat offender of NCAA violations, or at least constructively ignorant to what was going on in his program, yet taking advantage of the resulting recruits that came in. Not a few years ago there was a prostitution sting. Now this… it’s too much.

 No choice. University was up against investigators armed with subpeonas. No dodging and weaving this time. Grand Jury waiting outside. Before this is over, college basketball will be a shadow of itself.

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