Obituary : Therese Cyr death . Auburn woman dies in crash after driving wrong way on I-295 for miles

By | December 9, 2016

State police say a 76-year-old Auburn woman who drove the wrong way on the stretch of Interstate 295 between Topsham and Brunswick for more than three miles was killed after her SUV struck the concrete abutment supporting the Pleasant Street overpass in Brunswick.

Maine State Trooper Marvin Hinkley, who investigated the crash, identified the woman as Therese Cyr of Auburn. She died at the scene.

Hinkley said in an email that Cyr was driving in the median when her vehicle hit the abutment, which is located next to Exit 28 in Brunswick. Full Story 


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Well all these dumb responses. How about get a restraining order. Don’t get others involved so no one else is hurt or goes to jail. As a father I can understand to defend family but if the abuse is so horrible isn’t there physical conditions suggesting this? Busted nose black eyes? So this innocent girl says ” hey I’m being abused” and these guys go kill a kid, that’s just not right.

 So wrong. If your boyfriend is beating you leave him. You dont commission assault and or murder. Dear Lord this world is sick. And further this girl could have been this young man is dead. So wrong.

a If he hurt my daughter he would get the same. Problem is no one is willing to take these monsters out of society. Great news is that person won’t lay a finger on any woman ever again.

I don’t condone the murder but if you abuse somebody’s daughter or sister you ought to realise that there will be a hell to pay

 I’m a big believer in revenge, personally, but we have to have rule of law and therefore there must continue to be consequences for taking the law into one’s own hands. 
I might do the same as this fellow, if the abuse were serious enough, but I’d also expect to go to jail for it.

I’ll wait for the full story to come out before passing judgement. 
She wouldn’t be the first female murdered for filing charges against a boyfriend.
Take a seat and relax ….. more facts will be coming out shortly.

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