Obituary : Sayra Gonzalez and Delilah Gonzalez death , Mom arrested in California crash that killed 2 daughters

By | December 7, 2016
The mother of two girls killed last year in Northern California when the car she was driving crashed and flipped into a Sonoma County river has been arrested in her daughters’ deaths, authorities said.
Alejandra Hernandez, 27, will appear in court Tuesday to seek a reduction on her $500,000 bail, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported.
Hernandez was arrested Friday and charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter, felony child endangerment and driving with a suspended license. Full Story 
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Being Patriot is not only to respect the flag but the soil where it is stands. It means, not litter on the roads, nor pollute the rivers , deforest or prejudice others by the color of their skin or gender. Patriot is the one who take care his brothers and sisters even if they are different because they share the same land and the same principles. Values change. Principles not. Calling mothers by bad words is against values and principles.

Didn’t trump say he didn’t like McCain because he prefers guys that didn’t get caught? Yeah, he really cares about respecting vets and servicemen. Jokers.

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