Obituary : Sandy Casey death, Vermont woman among victims of Las Vegas concert shooting

By | December 11, 2016
DORSET, Vt. (NEWS10) – A local community is shocked to learn that one of their own was a victim in the Las Vegas massacre.
Her name was Sandy Casey. Even though she moved away from home, she grew up just down the street in Dorset.
Jamie Norse remembers her fondly.
“She was amazing. Always smiling. Always willing to help somebody. A hard worker. Just the person you wanted to see every day.”
Her and Sandy were close friends growing up together in the small Vermont town of Dorset.
This is a dumb article. It actually proves the reason that they shouldn’t have had Every person there could have been carrying and it would not have changed a thing. If anything you would have had hundreds of half drunk people taking pot shots at a hotel and random rooms.
Nice try Fox

There is no hope. You can not protect yourself or your loved ones. We are all at the mercy of the psychopath standing next to you at the Wal-Mart checkout line. God and his church can’t protect you (ask those nice people in Tennessee last week how safe they were at church). How do you protect yourself from that road raging monster you just cut off on the highway? There is no protection, no hope of survival. The only thing protecting you from martyrdom is chance. There is no safety from violent death in the United States of America. When you and your loved ones walk out the door in the morning you only have a fifty fifty chance of coming home. Welcome to your new reality.

This monster was 32 stories up, held the high ground, and had far superior firepower than anything anyone would have had on them even if they were allowed to carry.

 Yes. Few good guys with a gun would have done it! All we needed was a guy with a pistol and cowboy hat to snipe a guy 300 metres away while everyone around him are running for their lives, and then have him ending up getting shot by cops as they think he’s an active shooter.

Or alternatively, since everyone will whip their guns out, no one will know where it’s coming from so everyone just shoots each other anyway.

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