Obituary : Sami S. Guzick death, Woman killed when 3 semi trucks collide on I-80 near Joliet

By | December 7, 2016

Joliet woman died and another person was critically injured when three semi trucks collided Tuesday morning on eastbound Interstate 80 just west of Larkin near Joliet, according to Illinois State Police.

The crash happened about 6:10 a.m. One driver was dead on the scene, and another was airlifted from the crash site, state police said.

The driver killed was identified as Sami S. Guzick, 50, of Joliet, according to the Will County coroner’s office. She was pronounced dead at the scene at 7:55 a.m., and an autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday, according to the office. Full Story 

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I slapped my wife around, smacked the kids, killed a dog for entertainment, got hassled by the police after leaving the strip club and cashed my 200k a week paycheck. This Sunday I’m taking a knee. People don’t understand my experience.

The sweetest revenge would be to show up to these games, turn your backs to the playing field and then leave the premises, letting them play to a empty grandstand. Boycott these games and teams that have no respect for this country and its anthem, the same people who buy their tickets and products are the hardworking people who pay their salaries. No income, no big paycheck for these traitors.

 I’m done with the NFL. There’s always college football. That’s good enough for me. I won’t watch, won’t talk and won’t bet. It means that much to me.
All these players kneeling. NONE of them served. NONE of them sacrificed. Villanueva served and even with the clarification, at least he stood for the anthem. Fire them, fine them, cut them, get them out of the league if they continue this course of action. I would think the league would understand exactly how this is going to hit them in the pockets.

I don’t care if teams have to play there 3rd string waterboy….terminate every player who continues to patisipate in this disrespectful behavior.

 Fans need to make it clear we wont put up with it..they distespect our nation..we turn off TV and empty the stands.

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