Obituary ; Randall Gibson death, Bicyclist hit by car dies Saturday

By | December 4, 2016

A 52-year-old Lincoln man died Saturday evening after his bicycle was struck by a Jeep Cherokee just south of Lincoln, says the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Around 5:30 p.m., Randall Gibson was riding his bicycle eastbound on West Sprague Road east of Southwest 58th Street — within the legal distance of the white road line — when a Jeep Cherokee driving the same direction struck him.

Southwest Rural Fire and Rescue and the sheriff’s office responded. Gibson was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a release.

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These jocks have picked a battle with the wrong group of people. They have awoken the ire of the American Patriot. When one disrespects our flag you disrespect our country, our military and our veterans who have fought to defend our flag. These are not oppressed protesters, they are ungrateful cowards who have no basis for oppression. Time to thank God for His mercy and grace upon the greatest country on earth.

Look folks, boycotting the NFL will not ruin our Sundays. In fact, it will give you more time for family, friends, or just doing something constructive. I tell you I am a huge NFL fan…or should I say I was. I have not watched a game and may never watch one again. And guess what? Here I am, still alive and ready to see what else Sundays have to offer. Why don’t you try it! You may like it!

Our house is boycotting all football until they stop. If they don’t we won’t be watching ever again.. hope the ratings tank

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