Obituary : Mordechai Halpern death, 1-year-old dies near steamy shower

By | December 7, 2016

NEW YORK — A 1-year-old New York City boy died after his father apparently attempted to cure his chronic cough with a home remedy that included leaving the baby alone in a steamy bathroom, sources told WPIX.

Mordechai Halpern was found unresponsive at his Brooklyn home on East Second Street, between Cortelyou Road and Ditmas Avenue in Kensington, Thursday around 5:15 a.m., police said.

EMS responded and transported the baby to a hospital, but he died before arriving, police said.
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No one is even going to comment on his tirade? You think it’s okay to talk to your neighbor like that. And do you really believe that it had to do with his grandchildren? That’s what he said but I would be interested to know what really was the noise complaint and what time from law enforcementi(doesn’t say in the article).

 If your music or television can be heard in your neighbor’s airspace, it is too loud. Simple. Be respectful. Doesn’t matter if you are listening to Shirley Caesar or Madonna.

 They say alot of comedians in there off time are very unhappy , examples, Robin Williams, Jack Lemmon, Johnny Carson, Freddy Prinze Sr. , the list goes on and on so doesn’t surprise me she would do this to someone having a good time cause she’s miserable most of her free time puts on a front when in public .

Just because he is the CEO of a business does not make him human. He did the right thing by letting her and her gigilo have it for picking on kids

He should not apologize for children playing on his property! I mean seriously how close is their property that they could even hear little kids! Maybe she needs to move like she said she was going to!

I guess she needed to be in the “news” again for something since her career is in the toilet where it should be. Typcial democrat!

Did they call the cops because children were playing (partying?) in the yard at 9pm? If so, then I can see why he blew up (not approving it). But really, children make noise and it would be decent to just walk over and politely ask “grandpa” to have the kids quiet down before calling 5-0.

Why isn’t the problem here he got mad spoke how he really felt, then when he’s caught and called out about now he doesn’t mean it. Yes you did you just didn’t think anyone else would find out.

Her home must be a fare distance from her neighbors. My neighbors are very closed to me like other middle class American. What we do is join the party. Not call the cops. My KARMA fall on Kathy and her gold digger boy friend.

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