Obituary: Mehmet Aksoy death, British film maker killed by Isil

By | December 8, 2016

British film-maker is understood to have been killed in Syria by Islamic State militants.

Mehmet Aksoy, 32, who grew up in England, is believed to have joined a Kurdish military force, The People’s Defence Units, working as a press officer.

He was killed on Tuesday morning in a Daesh attack while he was on duty in Raqqa, according to the YPG website. Full Story 


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 Please read the article, she just gave stupid excuse to police. She’s actually beaten her daughter to death!
Doctors revealed the girl also had a swollen nose, eight scars on the back of her head, a black eye, deflated left lung, a fractured vertebrae, a swollen wrist and two swollen arms, a bruised ankle and detached tissue in her upper lip from her gums, the paper said.

 She absolutely killed her daughter read the article before commenting. The fact she said she was running out of minutes is just her stupid excuse. 99 years in prison, yet the charges can be upgraded pending an autopsy, here in Texas she WILL get the death penalty.

 She needs a friggin’ bullet! To do something that horrific to a four year old…. there is absolutely NO excuse!!!

Everyone is talking about minutes and all I can think about is this poor little baby girl and the hell that she lived through her short little life. My foster son (we have permanent custody to adoption) just turned 5 and I can’t imagine even hurting his feelings, much less hurting him as much as this poor little angel went through?! It’s heartbreaking. I can’t even stand it. My son went through enough before we got custody of him. I know she’s in the loving arms of Jesus now. And her mother will stand before her judge and jury soon.

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