Obituary : Maxwell Gruver death , Campus hazing under scrutiny after US student dies

By | December 4, 2016
The governor of Louisiana on Friday asked all state-run universities to review policies on hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, after a college student died under suspicious circumstances.
Maxwell Gruver, a freshman at Louisiana State University in the southern US state, died last week after he was rushed to the hospital from a fraternity house. Authorities who are investigating the death said the 18-year-old was highly intoxicated. Keep Reading .
My friend Sheriff Clark I support you as I do our president. The allegations and courageousness. Is a breath of fresh air to those of us that stand by you both. Keep this up please , our country is now challenged from socialist and those who want to move into a downward movement. Wake up American patriots single payer heakth5care and Obama mentality will be our downfall

 What’s Trump doing in Alabama? That’s right, running and deflecting to his fan base out of desperation. If he’s trying to pass a healthcare bill, shouldn’t he be in D.C.? Instead of desperately influencing an outcome of a senate seat special election to get a Republican elected, and barking about “son of a b*tch” NFL players?
Paul J. Manafort, Trump formal campaign chairman who is at the center of investigations into Russian meddling in US election, is working for Iraq’s Kurdish region to help them get independence from Iraq against US and his leaving the country, the question is he is coming back to face the music here in the ongoing Rusia investigation, by the way Russia support the referendum…..

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