Obituary : Matthew McCree death , Teen Charged With Murder After Student Is Stabbed to Death Inside Classroom

By | December 8, 2016

(NEW YORK) — A high school student who hadn’t been getting along with two classmates suddenly attacked them with a switchblade during history class Wednesday, killing one boy and gravely wounding another, police said.

Fifteen to 20 students witnessed the attack. After leaving the classroom, 18-year-old Abel Cedeno handed the bloodied knife to a school counselor he met in the hall, then went to an assistant principal’s office and quietly waited for authorities to arrive, police said.

The dead student, identified as Matthew McCree, 15, was stabbed in the chest. A 16-year-old was stabbed in the chest and side and was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

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Tim Tebow bent a knee to honor God and the NFL attacked him. Said he shouldn’t bring his opinion to the game. They mocked him.

 Point you have to ask yourself is why do they take a knee? Exactly what cause are they supporting?

Are they saying that they take the sides of the drug dealers, the gang bangers, the Thugs, and the rioters and against the innocent citizens that these people kill and harm? Are they taking their side against the sides of the police who are trying their best to protect the innocent citizen victims of these people?

You see, you have to look past the immediate narrative that is being pushed by the trolls and the drive-by media.

I am singularly confused how on one hand Tim Tebow is forbidden from praying, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are forbidden by the NFL to honor the policeman killed by the BLM movement, but yet it is somehow allowed this gesture and protest by the NFL and their minions. 

Sadly, Rodger Goodell and the NFL have taken the sides of the thug’s, drug dealers, and gang bangers over the folks who are rapidly becoming their *former* fans and supporters.

 I dont care who u are or whether or not u voted for Trump all I see is a bunch of immature men who only went on one knee because Presiident Trump said something about The NFL not respecting our Flag and military people It had nothing to do with race all I see is a bunch of little boys, I have No respect for NFL PERIOD!!!!

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