Obituary : Lisa Romero death , Gallup school confirms staff member dies in Las Vegas shooting

By | December 11, 2016

GALLUP, N.M. —   A secretary at Miyamura High School has confirmed to KOB that school staff member Lisa Romero is among those killed in the Las Vegas shooting. The secretary told KOB that grief counselors were at the school.

Romero was a Discipline Secretary at the school.

A vigil will be held at the school tonight (Monday, Oct. 2) at  8 p.m., 680 S. Boardman Avenue in Gallup.

Chris Ramirez will be in Las Vegas to cover the shooting and how it is touching the lives of New Mexicans. If you know of New Mexicans who attended the music festival, contact cramirez at


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 In just 12 hours the FBI has told all of us that the killer has no ties to ISIS but for 9 months can’t figure out if Trump has ties to Russia!!

President Trump gave a great response to this attack. I will say shame on Hillary Clinton and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) for already politicizing this attack. People in Las Vegas are still questioning the status of where loved ones are and if they are alive. I’m sure that would be the first thing on my mind, not an attack on the NRA or laws regarding gun control. Shameful…

 As a Muslim and Pakistani, I strongly condemn the terror attack in Las Vegas and give my condolences to the families of those affected.
Terror has no nation, no race, no religion! Hope for a peaceful and weapon free world. 
GOD Bless President Trump!!! This is how a REAL President responds to a tragedy! Unlike #44 who blamed police for everything… prayers to the victims and their Families

I’m beginning to believe William Shakespeare was right when he said Hell is empty, all the devils are here. Heartbreakingmember when we used to wake up to news like this, but it had happened in another country, and we were so thankful we didn’t live there? I miss those days. Every time I hear about something like this, I get a lump in my throat and I honestly can’t hold the tears back. It is very difficult for me to fathom that type of hatred.

I see the narrative being build by media. They’re talking about guns. And they’re talking about the firearms noise level. Which I call BS.
They should focus on that guy because he’s the only person responsible for his actions.

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