Obituary : Kimberly Hernandez, Eugenio Hernandez Altamirano : 3 killed, 4 injured after car hits bear on Interstate 70

By | December 10, 2016

hree people were killed and four seriously injured Friday morning when a car careened off a major highway after it struck a bear.

Seven people were in the Chevrolet SUV that slid across the center median, crossing over lanes of traffic before it flew off Interstate 70 about 3:30 a.m. near Rifle, Colorado, the Colorado State Patrol said.

The people who were killed Friday morning after they were ejected from a car include Kimberly Hernandez, 7, and Eugenio Hernandez Altamirano, 63, who died at the scene, authorities told KDVR TV. Brizeyda Hernandez, 15, was taken to Grand River Hospital in nearby Rifle, Colorado and then flown to Children’s Hospital in Denver, where she died, KDVR reported.

The Colorado State Patrol says four other people in the car suffered serious injuries. They are a 9-year-old boy from New Castle, Colorado; a 62-year-old woman from Carbondale, Colorado; the 36-year-old male driver from New Castle; and a 32-year-old female passenger. Full Story 


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How come the governor of Puerto Rico praises the response from the federal government and the mayor od San Juan doesn’t? Simple, it is called politics. The mayor is a,democrat and their job is to try to take down Trump whenever they can and however they can even if they have to be so low as to politicize a disaster to do it.

This actor moved in small circles until Hamilton became a success. His celebrity has gone to his head and made him think he can pass eternal judgement. He is entitled to his opinion and the right to speak it, just as I am entitled to disagree with his opinion and it’s my right to speak it. Just as, I’m sure, someone will do with this comment.

Wont Manuel be surprised when Jesus comes back and looks at him straight in the eye and says, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” Anyone who knows Jesus – knows Jesus doesn’t think this way about Donald Trump, or anyone for that matter.

 The US has sent about $21 Billion annually to Puerto Rico. Where is that money? Does the Mayor of San Juan have any answers?

lf Trump would have been there himself and with loads and loads of supplies, he still would have been criticized. It’s just all some people can do these days is find fault with everything he does bad or good. Does he make mistakes, yes, he is human. What have you done is what I would like to know???

His country was hit by TWO major Hurricanes..and the country smack in the middle of the ocean. Look at us in South Texas.. our Port cities were devastated by ONE Hurricane Harvey. Why is he angry at the a better model to your country.

Wow! I just can’t believe this president. Tried to give him the benefit of doubt, hoping that he would be a good leader because he’s it, he’s in charge right now…let’s come together. But this man is a complete moron! An insensitive, arrogant, not accomplishing anything moron!

Take Hamilton and it’s production musical and perform and raise funds then! Put your money where your mouth is or shut up!!!! Go home!!!!

 Why dont you liberal idiots go down and spend your time and money helping out. There’s a lot of logistics involved in disaster relief. Trumps people are doing everything they can you cannot simply snap your fingers and end the disaster. So again if you all are so mad go down and fix it yourself hypocrites

Are all these celebrities just talking , or are they getting their boot on the ground to help ,?? I’m sure some know how to drive trucks or serve meals to get things done. Yes they are sending money , but that doesn’t help if they can’t get to the towns

It doesn’t matter that it’s Donald Trump, George Bush or Jesus Christ himself, if a person has an “R” in the political affiliation, they’re dead as far as the “mainstream” is concerned. They just see “R” and automatically trot out the old standard “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe…etc”

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