Obituary : Joe Tiller, all-time winningest coach at Purdue, dies at 74

By | December 10, 2016

Joe Tiller, the legendary Purdue coach who ushered the spread offense into the Big Ten, has died at age 74. The university’s official football account confirmed Tiller’s passing on Saturday morning. Tiller died in Buffalo, Wyoming, where he lived.

Tiller was quoted — and credited — for bringing “basketball on grass” to the Big Ten. So much of what we see in spread offenses today was because of his systems and sport-wide influence. His brand of high-flying offenses worked in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he went 87-62 in 12 seasons. Tiller won eight or more games in six of those seasons.

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It’s not a “requirement.” His statement reads they “expect” their student athletes to stand for the national anthem. That’s a big difference in definition and may be considered misleading.

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Item #171. Conduct during playing 
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