Obituary : Hiromi Hayakawa death, Mexican actress and singer dies days after becoming a mother

By | December 10, 2016

Hiromi Hayakawa was a Mexican singer and actress of Japanese origin, and her case has shaken all of Mexico . It is that the former figure of the musical reality “The academy” and part of the soap opera “El chema” , died on Wednesday, at the age of 34 and days of becoming a mother.

Her fatal outcome came suddenly, since on Tuesday she went to the gynecologist and her pregnancy was normal, only that the birth of her daughter Julieta could be given before the date agreed, on October 21, as the child was ready to reach this world.
However, on the evening of that day she felt a severe pain in the stomach, for which she was transferred to the hospital San Angel Inn , in Mexico City , where she was evaluated and detected an internal hemorrhage, which required intervention immediately.
Shortly before midnight, the doctors informed Fernando Santana , Hiromi’s husband, that although they tried to save her, her baby, Julieta , of little more than eight months of gestation, had died. Hiromi , meanwhile, was in critical condition, unconscious and never knew what happened with his little girl.
The actress and singer continued all night with serious problems, according to the Univision site: three times her heart stopped and required cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He had also lost too much blood and urged to get platelet donors.

But nothing could be done regrettably, at 11 am Wednesday, the doctors went back to operating it. They had to control the bleeding and they succeeded. However, he suffered a fourth cardiac arrest and although for two minutes recovered vital signs, it was a false hope and at 11:40 in the morning, Hiromi Hayakawa ceased to exist.

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