Obituary ; Dolores Biamonte death , 12th Hollywood nursing-home resident dies

By | December 9, 2016
A 12th resident at the Hollywood nursing home where residents sweltered to death after Hurricane Irma knocked out power to its air conditioning has died, the Hollywood Police Department said.
Dolores Biamonte, 57, died Thursday night, bringing the death toll from the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills to a dozen since its cooling system failed and several residents perished in the rising heat Sept. 13. Her brother Robert also confirmed the death Friday morning. Full Story 


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 I see proper grammar and proof reading is no longer in style for the new generation of “journalists”. Unbelievable, it’s all over the place on so called “reputable” sites.

Yup, sorry, can’t get behind this. Vigilantes sound all great in the movies but the reality is that this dude just overstepped judge and jury. It’s not his place.

 Why isn’t she being charged? She basically hired a hit man. Doesn’t matter what he was doing, there are police for that, if he even did it.

I’m all for putting an abusive POS in his place (if theres real evidence of abuse) with an old fashioned beat down, but murder is still murder.

Good. Having a sister in an abusive situation I can honestly say if my Dad was still alive he would probably do the same.

Funny how the wheels of justice turn so quickly in a situation like this. If the daughter had been killed by the bf it would be a year before he was arrested.

Let’s think about what some are saying here; ok, boyfriend is “allegedly” beating up on girlfriend. Yet she doesn’t call the police? Ok, so she then hired 2 goons to have said boyfriend “killed”? Seriously? Do u not see how morally wrong this is? (But who has morals these days) If she was getting “beat up” she “trumped” her boyfriend by having HIM killed. The girlfriend should have her A$$ in jail right now! Conspiracy to commit murder & all that extra stuff.. she didn’t “directly” kill her boyfriend, but indirectly she surely did! Bad Form Lady, I hope they got a jail cell ready for you!

 Take the charges like a man. If you’re willing to stand up for your kids it isn’t because you think you’ll get away with it.

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