Obituary : David Kempf death , Man dies from injuries suffered in Somerset County logging accident

By | December 7, 2016
JOHNSTOWN – A man severely injured in a logging accident Sept. 18 when a tree fell on him in Somerset County has died.
An official with the Cambria County’s Coroner’s Office said David Kempf, 58, of Timberland, Pa., was pronounced dead Tuesday at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center as a result of multiple traumatic injuries.
Kempf was taken to the hospital by helicopter for treatment of his injuries after in the accident in Ogle Township. Full Story 
 Ban knives. It’s for the children. Or we could just make killing others illegal and go from there. But it won’t matter to the media unless the attacker was white and the victims black. Need proof? Why isn’t there any coverage of the Tennessee shooting?

 Strange. No demographics on either the victims of the killer. Actually, that tells me all I needed to know about their “demographics”.
Well, what were the races of the attacker and victim?? That the most important thing to every living person now so you have to update with that information as soon as possible!!
 I live in Tennessee, where is the media and the outrage about this? Why is it as if it never happened? I have heard NOTHING in the news anywhere since it happened. Where is the outrage and cries for justice on this? Why isn’t the media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, BLM saying this is a hate crime? Why is the media not plastering this all over the news?
 Sadly this is becoming the norm, we hear it so much that we dnt respond to it anymore, which is exactly what the devil wants. God plz help us to not grow weary of doing ur good work. Open our hearts & minds to b aware of ur presence in this dark evil world. May our light shine brightly to others around us to help draw people to u and ur word, it’s the only hope this world has, in Jesus name

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