Obituary : Cmdr. Seth Anthony Stone death, Decorated SEAL dies in skydiving accident

By | December 12, 2016

A Navy SEAL has died after an off-duty skydiving accident while on leave in California, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

Navy SEAL Cmdr. Seth Anthony Stone, 41, of Houston, Texas, died after his parachute failed to open following a jump from a hot air balloon. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

Stone, who was most recently stationed with the Hawaii-based Special Operations Command Pacific, was twice awarded the Silver Star, the Navy’s third highest award for valor. Full Story 

Well unless they brought in their long guns it wouldn’t have made a difference this time. The vast majority of the time armed citizens would prevent a lot of carnage but obviously this was a very different type of attack…

That’s not what the venue did wrong. Not allowing weapons is the right thing. However the way this venue was set up is another. No exits but I think one which was the entrance as well. People said they couldn’t get out till others crashed into the gates for people to get out. One man said it was like a death box! So they were practically trapped. They should answer for that! Even if they weren’t thinking about a terrorist attack they should have been thinking about an emergency period! For that amount of people one exit is a shame!

 That way the shooter can kill as many people as he wants and there will be no one to stop him. 

Banning guns worked great in Las Vegas last night…
We have gun laws. Evil does not care about laws. Have there not been mass shootings in countries banning guns?

The government dosnt want you to be able to defend yourself. They want you to depend on the police. It’s a matter of job security for police departments.

So people don’t have the right to bare arms I see. The Vegas shooter would have been neutralized if people carry their guns.

trying to make the argument that armed good guys could have stopped this attack? Is that the underlying claim here?? …..seriously?

 If you are a protester with loonies the police should take your guns away from you,that would put a stop to these losers,we just need the power to divide the winners from the losers

Nothing could’ve change masses will die, the distance from the hotel is narrow only a special sniper can aim the 32nd flow with a good hit.

 The shooter was on the 32nd floor you just can’t shoot random hotel rooms. You had to have a sniper rifle haha.

What’s the point of this article? You are dropping the ball Fox News. Simply putting out an article to keep feeding the machine without any substance.

What would anyone in the crowd have been able to do to stop this guy if they were carrying? This isn’t an 80’s action movie.

If these people were allowed to have weapons at a concert, just imagine how many more innocent casualties they may have created as well. They could had blindly shot more innocent people when returning fire to the hotel than the shooter did.

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