Obituary : Ben Walker, Jr., 68,of Arlington, Motorcyclist Dies From Injuries In Indian Head Highway Crash

By | December 12, 2016

OXON HILL, MD — A motorcyclist has died from his injuries nine days after he was involved in a car crash at the intersection of Indian Head Highway and Wilson Bridge Drive in Oxon Hill, police said.

The victim has been identified as Ben Walker, Jr., 68, of Monroe Street in Arlington, Va. Police said Walker Jr. succumbed to his injuries on Sept. 26.

The accident occurred on the evening of Sept. 17, police said. Officers were called to the intersection at about 7 p.m. for the report of a crash involving a motorcycle and car.

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 When evil happens, we need to come together…not start blaming things or others. Fighting because of blame is also evil. Remember the phrase “divide and conquer”? That’s what evil does!

 Why is it that when 60 people are killed these politicians loose their minds and immediately jump on more gun control BUT have absolutely nothing to say about the hundreds of people dieing in the streets of Chicago every year. A city that has some of the strictest gun laws on the books? This is nothing more than a political posturing for face time. If they were serious they would have addressed the Chicago issue many years ago.

 Here’s a little food for thought, maybe the Democrats ought to spend their energy cleaning up Democrat cities and spend less raving about gun control! Chicago on average has as many gun related murders each month as the Las Vegas shooting! That’s equivalent to 12 of this Las Vegas tragedies every year! Chicago also has strict gun laws! Let that sink in!

 Except that other places have done it and it’s been working for them for years. Why is it we can never talk about guns when a white man kills Americans. But if a Muslim or somebody else of color does it we talk about deportation, border protection, law enforcement crack down. If you dont want to talk about gun control after a terrorist attack like this. Then you are ignorant.

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