Obituary : Andrew Foster of Wales death , Yosemite IDs men killed and injured by rock fall

By | December 9, 2016

Yosemite National Park has identified the British tourist killed by a massive rock fall.
The park says 32-year-old Andrew Foster of Wales and his wife were hiking at the bottom of El Capitan when a chunk of granite about 12 stories tall broke free and plunged down.
Foster died, and his wife remains hospitalized. The park didn’t release her name.

Another person was injured in a second rock fall from El Capitan, on Thursday, when rocks broke through his SUV’s sunroof.

Jim Evans, of Naples, Florida, was driving when rubble from the 3:21 p.m. rockfall hit him in the head. Television images show him conscious and his wife holding a jacket around his head. Full Story 


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