Nachruf : Kirchenkritiker Horst Herrmann ist tot

By | December 10, 2016

Der Theologe, Rechtswissenschaftler und Soziologe ist bereits am 19. September in Süddeutschland gestorben. Das bestätigte seine Frau Barbara am Samstag der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. “Mein Mann ist am Schreibtisch bei der Arbeit plötzlich und überraschend eingeschlafen”, sagte Herrmann.

Heinrich Tenhumberg erkannte als Bischof von Münster Hermann 1975 die Lehrerlaubnis als Theologie-Professor (Missio canonica) ab. Auch die nächsten beiden kirchlichen Instanzen, das sogenannte Lehrbeanstandungsverfahren vor der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz (1977) und die Berufung bei der vatikanischen Glaubenskongregation bestätigten die Maßregelung.


I’m betting the mayor of Puerto Rico was a strong Hillary supporter during the election. So nothing Trump and his administration does will be good enough.

 Try helping out yourself instead of turning help down!! Notice that PR got more Help from Trump than Barry or the Clinton foundation, ask Haitians!

PR newspapers are full of comments against her behavior. She is for the independence of PR and seeing the US taking over…like they should, is driving her nuts! This is for PR, not for you Yulin. Shut up and join the team. Politics can wait 

Breaking News: God just called in and said he hasn’t resigned nor has Lin Manuel Miranda taken over his job. Now back to our regular program!

I just wish all the protesters would protest that their breathing air that people don’t see it their way so next time they protest stop breathing the same air

Ask your mayor how your power company has neglected your island with a lack of appropriate service material? Where has the money gone? Your power lines are the reason no one can get power to their homes! Ask your mayor how this could happen. Trump is d…
So she begs for help while standing in front of supplies that are locked away from the people instead of being delivered to them. Anyone with a vehicle should be commandeered to move the supplies.

 Trump is not wrong. The citizens of PR have to participate in the clean up. Why is that hard to understand?

What they don’t realize in Puerto Rico is if you have no roads or no airport open to get supplies then how do you technically help those in need two hurricanes here in the US he’s dealing with FEMA who sucks the Red Cross sucks and then he’s got an island that was blown to bits twice but then again he controls the weather people are nuts.

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