Obituary :Robert Grays death, Midwestern State’s dies from injury suffered while tackling

By | November 30, 2016
Robert Grays, a sophomore cornerback for nationally ranked Midwestern State (Wichita Falls, Texas), died Tuesday from injuries suffered during a game over the weekend.
Grays suffered a neck injury while making a tackle with 3:24 to play in Saturday’s game. He was taken off the field in an ambulance and had been hospitalized in the Houston area. Keep Reeding 

 Did anybody think while reading this that the “hours of excessive partying” were going to involve 3 kids under age 10?

children playing and laughing is offensive to her, but holding up a severed head of trump in public isn’t……..yea,this skank needs to be put down….permanently!!

The most shocking and disturbing part of this article is that she has a boyfriend. Must be a special kind of desperate

I’m not surprised at all, she seems like the type that would call just because children are just playing.

 Calling in a noise complaint on children playing with their mother & grandmother! She would be reporting me every time my grandchildren visited if she was my neighbor!

 So she called the police because a 4 yo, 5 yo and 6 yo were making too much noise?!?!?! That should be the headline, what a b*tch!!

 Wait – wasn’t she going to move away to another country ? Leave already – I hear there are some evacuated islands ; maybe you could buy yourself one.

 Griffin is into boys? That is news given her open hatred towards men. I bet if she hid a recorder around the house, she would turn green at the things her man-slave says in her absence, and she wouldn’t be so down on the president.

Calls in a noise complaint because a 4, 5, and 6 year old are making too much noise playing at Grandpas house. What a pair of complete losers!

As much as I don’t like her, she just lost her sister, maybe she doesn’t have the patience to deal with the extra noise. Show a little compassion to someone who doesn’t deserve it. It’s shows more on your character.

 She one of those people who can dish out insults ( or in this case, hold a severed head of someone), and when someone attacks her she cries and runs from her problems. She’s a typical elitist who enjoys hurting other people and making a big paycheck.

 This is considered news worthy? Hardly,who gives a flying F#@K about this “birdbrain” and her neighbor? lol!! 😢

 There are times Kathy when it’s about being a good neighbor. You seem to think you can make a lot of noise, you do it to a entire nation. Just as obnoxious!

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