Wednesday, November 30

Obituary :Robert Grays death, Midwestern State's dies from injury suffered while tackling

Robert Grays, a sophomore cornerback for nationally ranked Midwestern State (Wichita Falls, Texas), died Tuesday from injuries suffered during a game over the weekend.
Grays suffered a neck injury while making a tackle with 3:24 to play in Saturday's game. He was taken off the field in an ambulance and had been hospitalized in the Houston area. Keep Reeding 

 Did anybody think while reading this that the "hours of excessive partying" were going to involve 3 kids under age 10?
children playing and laughing is offensive to her, but holding up a severed head of trump in public isn't........yea,this skank needs to be put down....permanently!!

The most shocking and disturbing part of this article is that she has a boyfriend. Must be a special kind of desperate

I'm not surprised at all, she seems like the type that would call just because children are just playing.

 Calling in a noise complaint on children playing with their mother & grandmother! She would be reporting me every time my grandchildren visited if she was my neighbor!

 So she called the police because a 4 yo, 5 yo and 6 yo were making too much noise?!?!?! That should be the headline, what a b*tch!!

 Wait - wasn't she going to move away to another country ? Leave already - I hear there are some evacuated islands ; maybe you could buy yourself one.

 Griffin is into boys? That is news given her open hatred towards men. I bet if she hid a recorder around the house, she would turn green at the things her man-slave says in her absence, and she wouldn't be so down on the president.

Calls in a noise complaint because a 4, 5, and 6 year old are making too much noise playing at Grandpas house. What a pair of complete losers!

As much as I don't like her, she just lost her sister, maybe she doesn't have the patience to deal with the extra noise. Show a little compassion to someone who doesn't deserve it. It's shows more on your character.

 She one of those people who can dish out insults ( or in this case, hold a severed head of someone), and when someone attacks her she cries and runs from her problems. She's a typical elitist who enjoys hurting other people and making a big paycheck.

 This is considered news worthy? Hardly,who gives a flying F#@K about this "birdbrain" and her neighbor? lol!! 😢

 There are times Kathy when it's about being a good neighbor. You seem to think you can make a lot of noise, you do it to a entire nation. Just as obnoxious!

Sunday, November 27

Obituary ; Walter Perez death, Naked man dies after cops taser him twice

A nude, blood-drenched, and apparently high Long Island man died early Saturday after he was Tasered twice by cops, Nassau County police said.

Walter Perez, 36, a restaurant worker, screamed and banged on the walls of his basement apartment, leading his landlord to call 911 just after 2 a.m., said cops.
When officers arrived, Perez was “naked, covered in blood and acting as if he was on a mind altering substance,” said police.
Perez repeatedly threatened the officers, Nassau cops said.

When you look at what is happening all over the world today, as a fellow professional football player, I am in awe of Pat Tillman’s courage. In 2002, he walked away from millions of dollars and a “dream” most people couldn’t imagine achieving to do one thing, fight for his country. Pat wasn’t fighting for himself, he wasn’t fighting for one group vs. another; he was fighting for Americans.
Fast-forward 15 years, it’s sad to see where we are today. Divided. In this world of turmoil, I still believe in one thing strongly and that’s the flag and everything our country was built on." - Tyler Eifert

Kneeling or sitting during our National Anthem is basically a slap in the face of all past and present Uniformed Services members, plain and simple.
 SHAME ON BALTIMORE RAVENS for kneeing for our National Anthem in England today. SHAME ON THE NFL for allowing personal views on their "stage". This was a calculated maneuver for the international audience to embarrass our country.
I USED to watch NFL. As Edgar Allen Poe said "NEVER MORE".
Gentle reminder. 
Colin Kaepernick is unemployed because he was offered the backup job for SF and didn't take it. He was offered a job and he refused because it was only $900,000.00 a year.
I was at my local town hall and they had a wall dedicated to v
ets who lost their lives. I seen a lot a Women of Color who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mostly Air Force personnel. My heart broke. Tell their story media.

Tuesday, November 15

Md. church vandalized with message 'Trump Nation, Whites Only'

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - A church in Silver Spring, Maryland was vandalized with racist statements in support of President-elect Donald Trump Saturday night.

According to church officials, the phrase "Trump Nation, Whites Only" was written at the Episcopal Church of Our Savior at 1700 Powder Mill Road on a sign advertising the church's Hispanic service, and on a wall in the church's memorial garden that serves as a cemetery.

"I guess none of us realized where we were living," says Margaret Gordon, a member of the church's vestry.

According to rector Robert Harvey, about 80 percent of the church's members are immigrants; there are people from more than 50 countries in his congregation.

"They're afraid," says Harvey, who added that this was not the first incident of racism in the community this week.

Harvey says on Thursday he confronted two white men who were harassing and yelling racial slurs at a Latina woman at a Value Village across the street from the church.

"We believe we have work to do to help bring peace and reconciliation," says Harvey.

"This is a different reality for us," says Gordon. "So, maybe it's a good place to start where we can pray for people like that."

On Sunday, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington released the following statement:

"Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:
Last night at Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, Hillandale in Silver Spring, Maryland, both a sign advertising the Spanish-language Mass and the wall of the parish's memorial garden were vandalized with the words, "Trump Nation. Whites Only." I am heartsick, and can only imagine how the people of Our Saviour, one of the most culturally diverse parishes in the diocese, feel.
I will be with Our Saviour's Spanish-language congregation for Mass at 1 pm, and I invite as many of you as are able to join me there. In your services this morning, I hope that you can include prayers for the people of Our Saviour and let your congregations know of the invitation to gather with them in solidarity at 1 pm today.


Thursday, November 3

Obituary : Emmie Schneider death, 10-year-old girl dies after horse kicks her in face

BOSQUEVILLE, Texas — Authorities say a 10-year-old Central Texas girl has died after she horse she was leading kicked her in the head.
McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara says the girl’s neck was broken in Monday night’s accident at the family’s home. The victim was Emmie Schneider of Bosqueville, near Waco.
McNamara says the girl, her 6-year-old brother and their mother were working with the family’s horses when the victim was kicked in the face. The girl died at the scene. Source 
Keith Ellison is the poster boy for how anti American the Democrat party has become. The fact that he is the DNC vice chair is priceless in light of his history of Anti Semitism.
That's real funny because I don't remember those Jews flying their flag and trying to take control of a voting system. And I really don't remember Mexicans being forced from their houses by military!!!

 To even use such a comparison shows just how out of touch with reality the democrats are. They are so desperate for voters they want illegal aliens in this country.

But why would you flee to a country run by "literally Hitler" if you're trying to flee a holocaust? Did this guy just play himself?

If they are fleeing Mexico like that... Then there must be a murderous Nazi government and Hitler like henchmen in place over there! What are we waiting for? Set up the Liberating Foreign Legion of undocumented to immediately fight for freedom and democracy over there!

Jews were killed. How dare you say illegals are a like the Jews. You are a very ignorant man. Read up on the gas chambers or go see the gas chambers in Germany.

 Holocaust is vastly different from what you're comparing with Sir! May I ask you: please, refresh yourself abt. World History, especially on the dark days of Hitler.

 The only muslim in the world who feels sorry for long-ago jewish victims. Now if he could only bring his grief to bear on those jews being blown-up present day by his fellow Israel haters. He certainly makes a good damocrap, though. Comparing Americans to German and Arabic Nazis, casting their crimes onto ppl who are doing nothing more than controlling their border.

Obituary : Patricia Austin death , Woman Dies at Suburban Health Club, Body Not Found for 2 Days

A woman who died at a suburban health club in July was not discovered for nearly two days, officials said.

Patricia Austin’s body was found in a bathroom stall just before 8 p.m. on July 14 at a Burr Ridge Lifetime Fitness. Police said the 78-year-old’s membership card showed she entered the club July 12, but her car remained in the parking lot and surveillance video never showed her leaving the building.

I DO vote for people who believe in the SCIENCE of climate change. I expect them to believe that not one single MODEL of climate has worked, that every one of them cited by the Leftists has never managed to predict today's status given the data of 20 years ago, I expect them to KNOW that not one single one of algore's predictions made in his "An Inconvenient Truth" has come to pass and that his sequel to it simply lists every extreme weather event in the last 20 years and CLAIMS they are part of global warming. I also expect them to know that, despite Harvey, Irma, and Maria, we are STILL in a low cycle of hurricanes, which is something that Juan Williams should look up before he outs himself as an idiot. Finally, I expect them to realize that CO2, as a driver of "climate change" has been so grossly over-estimated it is ludicrous to continue. In other words, they need to show they know certain facts. And it's easily summed up by saying, "I think the Leftists are WRONG about EVERYTHING they have ever claimed."
Your a crackhead. Big yachts, fancy cars, What are you actually doing? It is a huge hoax perpetrated on the American people by Al Gore and DiCaprio.

 The climates been changing since before earth had life. If he didnt know earth used to be molten lava, smog and thick smoke. It also used to be frozen over. Go away Hollywood elites no one likes you.

Screw you Leo. Maybe the next time you fly on your private jet to talk about your climate change fantasy, you can leave an even bigger carbon footprint than you already do. What a fricking hypocrite.

Tuesday, November 1

Obituary : Marques W. Johnson Death, San Antonio vet dies after 6th Street fight, attacker on the run

AUSTIN - Austin police are searching for the person who struck a San Antonio veteran before he fell to the ground on 6th Street and later died.

According to police, Marques W. Johnson, was walking with his wife along the 200 block of East 6th Street near a bar called Barcelona at around 2 a.m. Sunday when he exchanged words with two men. After the verbal exchange, police said Johnson turned and walked away. Police said the two men then followed Johnson before one of them threw an object at Johnson. Keep Reading 

Yeah right, take a look at any picture from a big city in China and see the pollution, oh yeah they're doing their part. Another dumb as a rock lying democrat!

 China is covered in such a thick density of smog by mid afternoon, they have to put on SARS masks just to breathe properly..

China needs to do more to stop North Korea. The climate will be the least of our worries if North Korea launches nukes at California.

Let's all invest in cleaner forms of energy so we can squeeze some more life out of the earth lol not likely so if we don't what happens we fill the entire atmosphere with smog and every body Suffocates and dies and the seas rise up and the plants and animals die and human kind is lost for ever.

 Lol, no it isnt. This state's leadership needs to be medically examined. He has evolved to being able to use methane instead of oxygen. His head is shoved so far up his colon that the taste buds on his tongue have morphed into polyps.

 I remember one day I went to California, visiting my brother, we where driving in a high area where the view of the sky was in front of us. I told my brother: "looks like is gonna rain, is cloudy and dark ". He replied me: " that's not rain clouds, that's smog". I was impress how dark the sky looks because of the contamination.
This politics, how he can criticize the president when his state is polluted too.

 Lets just get rid of Cali . Lost cause. Let the normal people out make cali their own country , remove their American status no border crossing . Problem solved . Cali soon to be a 3rd world sanctuary city .

 Love these comments. Face it children, CALIFORNIA is the fifth largest economy in the world and you're not. CALIFORNIA is also getting tired of supporting a bunch of loafers who think coal mines are coming back.

They will have to, since America is no longer interested in science, education or immigration; other countries will have to take up the mantle of responsibility to save the earth, that America, apparently, has abandoned.

China has built appx, 3500 coal fired electric plants recently. It's never good to elect Idiots for leaders.

One.. Screw this Gov. California sucks now with all the bs laws this and that we have.. and some because of this moron.. 

Two.. We make our own weather so stop with this BS. Which the machines or rockets or whatever the F weather making we do ourselves also pollutes the air.. hmmm

Obituary : Carlos Canal death , Ninth patient of Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills dies

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - After Hurricane Irma, there were 145 people at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. Albertina Vega, who suffered from dementia, was the first to die after the storm. She would have celebrated her 100th birthday Oct. 10.

Carlos Canal, 93, was the ninth to die Tuesday night, according to a statement from the Hollywood Police Department. Detectives were still investigating what caused the deaths of the rehab facility patients.  Read More
 Yeah right, take a look at any picture from a big city in China and see the pollution, oh yeah they're doing their part. Another dumb as a rock lying democrat!

 China is covered in such a thick density of smog by mid afternoon, they have to put on SARS masks just to breathe properly..

Feel free to move there Governor Brown. Or you can destroy the economy of your own state with pointless regulations and egregiously harmful taxes.

CNN are you really asking this guy for an opinion 😳? This is the same person who just implemented a tax on gas in California who nobody wants because gas is already expensive enough with all the taxes added to it by this state and paying for a train no one wants in California! I hope dems are ready for mid terms in California, people are fed up of.
Not every part of the world has wind and Sun idiots not to mention do you know what it takes to make a lithium battery a lot worse than a gallon of fuel
 Moonbeam criticizing the president while he's paying illegal aliens to cross the border and allegedly control the global weather with workers tax money.
This guy would be much more believable if California was actually doing anything to help reduce climate change. The BART subway is an outdated, old clunker, with stations that look like they are from the 50s. The state has been battling Google buses and others trying to reduce single passenger car traffic. California is one of the worst traffic congested states in the US, so what has the state government done to solve the problem and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions? Nothing.
 Hey, get over it, it's all hearsay, there is no such thing as climate change.... STOP ALREADY.... It's been proven and well documented
 Jerry Brown is an American sell out who cares more about illegals than the legal citizens of his state. He gave them drivers licenses, spends tax payer money to defend them and now is going to make it a sanctuary state.

Obituary : Sophia Martini death, Australian woman dies in scooter crash in Bali

A YOUNG woman from Queensland has become the fourth Australian to die from a scooter accident in Bali this year after a horrific crash on Monday morning.

Sophia Martini, 27, was riding on the back of her boyfriend Steele Nugent’s scooter after midnight when it crashed in Kuta, the busiest region of the Indonesian island.
Ms Martini suffered horrific leg injuries from the crash and despite being rushed to Denpasaar Hospital, major blood loss caused her to die on arrival, Nine News reports.

I have friends that live in the US Virgin Islands and the Island were more than Slammed. The US Media pure attitude towards the USVI is disgusting. People need help and you Racist color coded hypocrites keep pretending and keep downplaying all the damage and People who are suffering on USVI from Irma and now Maria. No worries we got real People who will not forget the USVI and more help on the way. You White People love to vacation there but now ignoring that this US territory needs help with food supplies water medical supplies. I pray one day you White People Racism be destroyed out of Our Society!!!

 Will this become the new normal? My only hope is that climate change doesn't make this type of pattern a yearly thing. Otherwise the Caribbean will become totally uninhabitable. No sense in rebuilding in places that'll see multiple Cat 4 or Cat 5 hurricanes every year

 People making fun of these horrible tragedies should be ashamed of themselves. Karma is not a joke, though.