Obituary : Michael Jason Curl death, HickoryDixie Classic Fair worker dies in Winston-Salem hit-and-run

By | October 5, 2016
A worker at the Dixie Classic Fair was struck and killed by a vehicle that left the scene on Deacon Boulevard early Tuesday.

Michael Jason Curl, 41, of Hickory had spent most of Monday working at a game concession stand at the fair. He starting feeling ill from kidney stones later in the day and went to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment, said Alex Branding, the owner of the concession stand where Curl worked. Full Story 

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America wake up. If you did not know people hated you this much you now know for sure it is true. Go vote.

Sad thing is that the consequences of his his callous words will return on his own head and that of his loved ones. For whatever one sows, one will reap.

 This guy is just a heartless scumbag. He happens to be a liberal. He happens to be Jewish. His real problem is that HE, PERSONALLY, IS A SACK OF SH*T! His religion or ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Nor do his political leanings. This dude just lacks ordinary human compassion! Unfortunately, he’s not the only one. It’s a shame.

You need to leave this country dude, and not come back, ever. Or get shot, one of the two. You have no soul if you say that. So many family members lost each other. You are an awful man.

This doesn’t surprise me because it’s in Illinois.The people can’t be too smart , look at the politicians they elect every time . Illinois has the record for corrupt politicians going to prison. And they have all the racebaiters like Al Sharptongue and Jesse Jackjaw. . And the last racist President was from there. People are probably tired of eating the cat and dog specials at his deli anyway.

People like you are the reason our country is in the shape it is in. I truly hope you are ashamed of yourself but I have my doubts that you care about anyone but yourself.

Who really cares about a Co-owner of a Deli? this is not worth the time to report. Shameful, giving this man 15 minutes of fame…. Ridiculous!!!

how can anyone fell relief after all these people died for nothing-who care what concert it was does that mean they had it coming-how fu—- sick can some people be–i’m praying for god to forgive for those words–i won’t want that to happen to my worst enemy…..

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