Obituary : Julia Sokolov death , Toronto woman dies after stabbing, man charged with murder

By | October 7, 2016

TORONTO – A 24-year-old Toronto woman who was viciously attacked in a stabbing frenzy over the weekend has died.

And the man who cops say attacked her is now charged with first-degree murder.

Police were called to a suburban home in the Birchmount Rd. and Pinegrove Ave. area around 1:50 p.m. on Sunday.

When they arrived, officers found a 50-year-old woman suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim told them there was a man inside the building carrying a knife.

Once inside, officers found Julia Sokolov, 24, suffering life-threatening injuries, the result of numerous stab wounds. Read More

Where were the Jewish People escaping to where they burned their new country’s Flag while wearing the German Flag like a cape? Just like the “Dreamers” did in their march the other day.

 That’s the best the Democratic Party has to offer.. 
Didn’t Pelosi say something about putting Dreamers in camps?
Isn’t the democrats erasing their history?
Better be careful minority’s sounds like the Democratic Party is up to their old tactics. Might need the Republican Party to free y’all again…


 Why don’t the Mexicans overthrow their govt? America shouldn’t have to give out welfare bc of an anchor baby. Our ancestors didn’t receive it and neither should any legal, illegal or refugee.

This is a new talking point that just started going around. I saw an idiot on FB use a similar analogy the other day.
The thing is; A lot of people fleeing the drug cartels have closer options that speak their language; How about Mexico City? Mexico is a large place and there are other options to getting away from drug cartels.

Let’s face it; The argument is as ridiculous as any that people use to try to justify illegal immigration in our country. It doesn’t hold up under any amount of scrutiny.

That was one of the most insensitive and ignorant comments I have heard. Hitler rounded up people based on their religious affiliations. He seized their properties and placed them in tenements. He then started trying to purify the German race by sending the Jewish people to concentration camps where men, women and children were murdered, tortured and experimented on. I believe we are asking the illegals to return to their country and then legally apply for entry and citizenship. Can you explain to me how that is remotely related! You need to go back and study WWII again sounds like you never studied it the first time. I will repeat myself again,the Democrats have lost their minds, along with my respect.

 It’s not the same they are not killing their people they just don’t take care of them so they come to our country to live off the taxpayers there is no comparison!!!–

The comparison in itself is disrespectful and i would assume offensive to jewish people. A truly disgraceful comment made by a dishonorable man.

Dumbest comparison ever liberals have no clue about history only the ones they fabricate and brain wash their followers

The good news is they are using all their most desterate emotional cards now. Once they are played out they have nothing left.

 Only in America citizens are called racist and Nazis and illegal aliens are called dreamers. Progressivism is truly a mental disorder.

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