Obituary : Captain Frank Reed death , Tempe Fire captain dies during swimming accident in Portugal

By | October 5, 2016

TEMPE, AZ – The Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department is mourning the loss of one of its own.

On Wednesday, Tempe Fire announced Captain Frank Reed died during a swimming accident in Portugal.

He was on vacation with his girlfriend when the tragic incident occurred. His body was recovered early Wednesday morning, the agency confirmed.

According to a Tempe Fire Department spokesperson, Reed worked for the department for nearly two decades. Full Story 

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My heart goes out to the victims especially to the families who have lost their love ones. Heartbreaking

HOW SWEET THE SOUND …WE were LOST…. BUT FOUND ..AMAZING GRACE! 😞 Bring Amazing Grace back into our country! We need grace, we need courage, we need unity, and we need love and caring positive people. 🕯️

May God be with all of you and may he give you the strength to get through each most difficult day ahead.🙏🏻🙏🏻

My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to those who perished plus their loved ones and those who were also injured! God bless you all!!

 Praying for the victims, their families , first responders, & the hospital employees that are also effected from going to being a regular ER into a MASH unit within 20 minutes

 This incident is not at all surprising. This is a country where one person owns an armoury of weapons ranging from all types. Just one person. And as a civilian, what do you really need a semiautomatic gun for. What kind of protection do you need that a pistol can’t provide. Guns in USA is not about protection but making money while the people suffer.

 Our heavenly father we pray for all the victims families please Lord protect USA from the darkness lead the people to the light to your way by the the name of Lord Jesus Christ king of kings our savior amen

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