Saturday, August 6

Death Obituary : Cult Hollywood veteran Harry Dean Stanton dies aged 91

(CNN)Harry Dean Stanton, the longtime character actor whose face had its own unique character, has died at 91, according to his agent, John S. Kelly.

Stanton passed away Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

People are paying tributes on social media.

In memoriam: They broke the mold when Harry Dean Stanton was created. He danced with me at my thirtieth birthday party and the room stood still; boy Harry could dance, he was so elegant. When I asked him to be in Freak the Mighty he just said "Sharon tell me if it's good, I'll take your word for it". I learned a lot from that.
Harry, Love & God's Speed on Angel's Wings.

Really sad to hear of the passing of my old friend, the talented actor and musician Harry Dean Stanton, seen here when I first met him on the set of Missouri Breaks. He was truly an original and I feel blessed to have known him. Vaya con Dios amigo...

We've lost a major part of our Dan Tana's family. Legendary actor and friend, Harry Dean Stanton has passed away. He was truly one of a kind and part of what made Dan Tana's special. This is where he held court over the years. It was his hang-out and we loved having him here. Harry's sense of humor and generosity will be deeply missed. There was nobody like him and his spirit and presence will continue to be felt.
It was an honor to serve and know you Mr. Stanton.

A great friend has passed... a great actor, too. It was a great thrill to sit in with Harry Dean Stanton at a club in Hollywood. We played Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door." I felt that Harry Dean was knockin' on heaven's door his whole life! A deep soul...jd
(Photo from L to R: Johnny Depp, Kris Kristofferson, Harry Dean Stanton, Harper Simon, John Densmore)
RIP: Harry Dean Stanton. We've all seen ALIEN so seek him out in MISSOURI BREAKS. My favorite death scene: like a Remington bronze cowboy.
We're deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Harry Dean Stanton, one of the all-time great characters actors

Julie S. Turner This is going to sound weird to some but.............I know Harry's been in so many movies and played some wonderful characters but my most favorite of his movie roles was in "Pretty In Pink" as a single, hard drinking, down-on-his-luck father raising his teenage daughter (Molly Ringwald) after the mother abandoned them. He was so loving and caring and gave such good advice to his daughter who was going through the pains of growing up, needing a mother, and navigating her first love - the kind of father many a girl would have loved. RIP Harry 

Friday, August 5

Bengals players want Andy Dalton replaced with Colin Kaepernick

After a disastrous start to the season for the Bengals, it seems that some players in the locker would like to see the team possibly consider replacing Andy Dalton.
According to PFT, some of the team's players think that "the Bengals should go off the board and consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick," which basically tells you all you need to know about the mood in the Bengals locker room right now.  Read More

People are talking about it on the social media.

Tommy Ray Smith If I owned a team, I would sign him to a contract and make him the official team waterboy. That way he can kneel all the time.

Joel Carter Why not give AJ McCarron a shot? He has a much better attitude and better leadership skills than Colin. Not to mention he already knows the offense and has a great football IQ.

Jason Chehi-Lirot Dudes a freaking racist dirt bag and I hope if he gets back in the NFL someone will cheap shot him and end his career 

D. Trevelyan Owens Yeah, bring in a player that was 3-19 in his last starts as quarterback. Oh, and the fact any offensive system would have to be built around him, which wouldn't help the Bengals this season.

Michael Langley Why not get someone better? Like one of the old pros who respect our country? Do we really want any more of this millennial malarkey? I don't.

Darrell L. Alston Nah...I wouldn't give a QB who went to the Super Bowl and NFC championship game a shot, especially since the QB's on my roster have such NFL pedigree.

Reno Sweeney No! Why bring the troublemakers? They got rid of Andrew Whitworth --an upstanding team leader--& now they're considering this guy? Well, more Sunday afternoons to do other things than watch Bengals.

Jarrod Schrunk Really? His political stance aside- he is straight up garbage. Doing this in liberal SF is one thing but he'd get eaten alive in the Midwest. Bengals are better off giving McCarron a shot. Worst case scenario he doesn't do well and you draft a QB. If he does well but they still don't want him as the starter, it ups his trade value.

Don Bunce Sure...go ahead and sign a guy who went 1-10, can't make progression reads to save his life, only throws to one side of the field, and sucks in the second half. He's your savior.
Good luck with that. 

Don Travis First you need a offensive line that can block and receivers that can run routes before you bench your starting QB, oh and it would help if the Defense did it's job as well, what a mess.

Lillian Remick Johnson It won't help your rating any better. He is the one who started the protest shyt last year and that is why fans are now boycotting the games. It isn't Colin's fans that are sitting it out....It is the NFL"s Fans.

Lance Reeder I'd bet you anything these several players are Vonteze Burfict and Pac Man Jones. The real problem in Cincy isn't Andy Dalton, it's the endless stream of problem children Marvin Lewis has brought in without regard to team chemistry.

Daron Johnson It doesn't matter Andy Dalton has lost a locker room. Cincinnati will be lucky to win a ballgame this year I wouldn't be surprised someone puts hands on Andy Dalton and punch him in the face! A locker room looks for a quarterback to lead them and if you're not willing to lead is going to cause friction! These players want a good quarterback their careers on the line also!

Craig Stanley Such an awful trash team with nasty thug players. Makes sense they'd want crappy kapernick. This team is a disgrace to the game. It's amazing the league hasn't done something to these players like suspensions, larger fines, or worse.

Evan Underwood Lol so I guess they just drafted aj to sit on the bench his whole career so no one else could have him

Carl Klejna Yeah 0-2 and can't score an offensive TD & looking God Awful all around & bringing a huge distraction Colin Kaepernick is answer ? Ok ! Even the Bengals higher ups aren't that stupid !

Luke Han In my opinion, what the players are saying is 1)it's not their fault. It's ALL Dalton's fault. 2) Theyre okay with making the Bengals a stage for colin's grandstanding 3) We'll play better with Colin as our QB.

My question to ALL the players making 
the request for Colin to be their QB. Why arent all of you putting the same energy to get Colin to be your QB into playing smarter, harder, smarter, with more effort and with a better attitude for Dalton? 

Last game I saw, I had to ask myself what team is playing; passes dropped, receiver half stepped his route, O-line looked like high school players with arms flailing around, O-line getting knocked down and can't block. On defense; zero penetration, missed tackles, no energy. 

I thought I was watching the Browns playing. 

With the way the O-line plays Colin may just pass up joining, pay check or not. 

With the attitude of these whiners it's no wonder that Dalton isn't playing too well. He's not getting help from other players like he should be. After all it is a team sport.

Ricky Brown Their offense is set up for a pocket passer. This dude is far from that, read option QB like the $100 million QB Washington drafted. It doesn't work in the NFL. That's why both are not on a roster! Plain & simple.

Victor Reynauld It's pretty clear Kaepernick doesn't WANT to be signed. His so-called protest is more important to him than being signed. The fact that he hasn't been signed is the only reason his protest is staying in the news. It gives him leverage to play "victim". Since he's already said he won't kneel again after last season ended, he knows getting signed would take away that leverage. He and his supporters could no longer claim he's being blackballed from the league to keep making noise about the issue and once he's playing again he'd just be evaluated as a quarterback again, not a protester.
Jason Giddens Logic behind the bengals dysfunction as a team, and it's been this way since right before carson palmer left..
And when you keep signing and drafting players with personal issues or criminal records, that fuels the lunacy..

Augustine Lark His mistake was leaving the 49ers. That hoyer guy isnt even half as good as kaep! + anytime he played he was able to make the game competitive even after his coach harbaugh was out!

Mike ZBaer Kaepernick is not a cancer with a bad attitude. He is just a below average quarterback that wants starting QB money. Probably in the 25-50 best qb range in my opinion.

David Sieradzki Not to compare Colin Kaepernick to Joe Mixon or Pacman Jones. FWIW, I personally don't take any offense to what Kaepernick has done, but I guess this is Bengal players saying "What's a little extra added controversy to our locker room?"

Mark Edwards Way too many people with nothing but disrespect and contempt for the Constitution, preferring tyranny such as seen in North Korea or Russia where all are compelled to stand and sing the empty praises for their nations over the freedom that is the US were none need fear that evil.

Jennifer Myers He would have a lot to prove which would make him a decent contender. No matter what his political views are it's about his game. He has tasted what it is like to be jobless. Pretty sure he isn't looking forward to staying unemployed.

Rick Gillum Kaepernick is a great quarterback as long as you let him play his game. He is not just a pocket passer. The coach needs to use his talents to the full.

Terri Barnard Oh, the prima dona will fit right in. Compare Turlock, CA to Cincinnati. He got away wiith calling an opposing African American player a 'f'n n'gr' in a game...when he was 'white'...and playing for SF. Why don't people research this jerk's history?

Matthew Schmidt Only if you let team's tee up on him. Like just don't block and let him get his head knocked off. Then you can draft a qb next year

Andrea Elizabeth Just bench Dalton. Mccarron would give new life to offense. Plus, if he's traded away next offseason, showing him off now could raise value. So it helps now and later.

Robert Silver You sux enough now ... And you want to bring in a certified looser .... Wow a 3 - 19 QB you want hahaha these players are as dumb as it gets or they are racist because Andy is white .....hmmmmmmmm I think they need to be ask that question

Charles Taylor Well him kneeling ....I'm say him praying had nothing to do with Football game he should still be on a Roster but rather pay Qbs sit years no experience to get cut

Doug Holt The players are not managing the team. They do not have a say on who is brought in. They should work harder to make the team better not try and manage it. Bunch of idiots.

Pamela Lewis Players should be careful..they are replaceable. ...just like in any job. Maybe people are tired of overpaid wife beaters and drug users disrespecting the flag and that's why they aren't watching. Get rid of trouble, improve moral, get viewers. Just an observation....EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE! !

Mickey Russell IM SURE when the players start signing the payroll checks ownership exspences,take responsibility for filling up the stadium,they willbe able to sign players

Stephen Alexander I can name at least 2000 other mediocre quarterbacks that are not disrespectful human beings that could play the position. They would probably be thankful for all the wonderful things that are right in this world instead of crying as if they deserved something with zero respect. My father served this country and now that he's gone, maybe the guy that's mediocre but has respect for him and the millions that honor the flag should get a chance. Belligerent rude people don't get that chance.

Corey Cooper Dalton has two bad games and they want him replaced? He was a Pro Bowler last year and MVP candidate the year before. Chill out.

Luke Han Bench the whiners and saboteurs then, put in replacements that will play like a PROFESSIONAL and things will only get better. They can't get any worse.

Janiyah Thach Yes give his a chance to prove to the world how bad he suck. So all these extra stuff can go all away from the NFL.. I thought the Bengals offense wasn't base off a running QB.????

Michael Hatfield Why is Kaepernick still relevant? He has been told numerous times to contact people letting them know he wants to play and he still hasn't. Let him live in his little so called oppressed hole and hopefully no ones has to hear his name again. Anyone thinking he is better than Andy Dalton even on a bad day is crazy.

Lora Wagener Hi guys! I am a photographer in the Reno/Tahoe area and am soooo close to winning first place in the photo contest for our Hot Air Balloon Races Event. If I win, I get to ride in a hot air balloon (every photographers dream right!?). All you have to do is vote for my photo shown below! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! .❤️
Jenny Mitchell I'd get rid of the players that don't have their qb's back especially since the line needs to be called out before Andy! ridiculous!

Mike Smith Kaepernick isn't signed for one reason; he's not a serviceable quarterback. He led his team to a 1-10 record last season, why would any team ever want him behind center?

Jon Eveland Really like Dalton, sucks to see him not doing well. I don't think Kaep is a good choice though. Maybe to Jacksonville though.

Jay-michael Turner at this point honestly I wont a team to pick him up. then once he starts and shows how terrible of a qb he is get cut and this be the end of it

Ethan Johnson Maybe they give their playoff checks back from the past few years to. Dalton got them to the playoffs. Never give up on a teammate.

Andrew Blechinger Well, the Bengals face a depleted Packer defense next week, so maybe they'll finally hit paydirt then.

Cody Mullins Yea I'd take my chances with the soulless ginger than somebody whose career was sinking and took a opportunity to make himself revelant again aka kolin, would they want him if he never did the kneeling? No because he'd be a washup who would of already been forgotten about

Tom Weaver I can't think of a team that deserves him more! They deserve each other! Could they be worse than they are! YES!

Mary Davis If they do, I will lose all respect for the team and owners. He is a jerk and should consider Walmart.

John Coghlan Awesome, another team whose games that I won't watch. No wonder the NFL's ratings are going through the floor !!!

Stefon Sheard It's only a matter of time before dirtbags choke and vomit thier own words. But it's none of my business.

Jon Coston The Bengals are so bad, they want to bring in Kapernick? When you bring in a QB, isn't it to get better... instead of getting worse?

Gloria Berry NFL ratings would go up if he played. Even those that don't support the Man for being against injustice would watch because they are dumb enough to think the anthem is played on tv.

Ashley Michelle This is dumb. Been a diehard fan but Bengals you sign this POS who is a disrespectful nobody then its bye bye . How about just replace the coach?

Wil Massey you know what i have noticed about all the kaep haters? their profiles and pics NEVER have any black people in them.....isnt that interesting?

Chris Carroll After giving that moron Barfffff-ect that multi million dollar extension, why not complete the Bungals dumpster fire by signing him...

Scott Whitaker Lmao maybe they should shut there mouth and learn to play as a team instead of making there Qb try to carry the team