Sunday, June 26

California state legislature wants to force Christian Universities  to conform to secular standards.

The anti-Christian movement in America is relentless. Now the California state legislature wants to force Christian Universities like Biola University to conform to secular standards. Under this new legislation, faith-based institutions other than seminaries would:

• No longer be able to require a profession of faith from their students
• Not be able to require Biblical courses or offer pastoral care
• Not be able to integrate faith into the teaching curriculum
• Not be able to require students to attend chapel
• Not be able to lead faith-based community service programs for their athletic programs
• Be forced follow the state’s bathroom laws, allowing students to use the restroom of their gender identity rather than biological sex
• Be required to allow clubs to operate on campus that do not align with biblical teaching and tenets of the faith (such as LGBT)

Isn’t this unbelievable? In effect, we would no longer have Christian universities in this state—and unfortunately this secularism is like an evil plague that spreads. Everything bearing the Name of God or His Son Jesus Christ is being targeted today. These legislators are in public office because the people voted for them. We as Christians can change that. That's why it is so important that we pray and know who we're voting for and what they stand for. Share this if you agree.

D.L Moody Quotes : The man with no strenght

Joy follows the discomfort of risk.

So why do we refuse to risk?

When we insist on ease, when we demand that God’s plan for our life be comfortable, when we want reward and satisfaction without the difficulty of the unknown, we lose more than we imagined.

We lose our very life because killing our dreams kills our hearts.

The greatest saints of the Bible didn’t experience reward without discomfort or callings without chaos. Moses was mocked and scorned by those he wanted to rescue; Joseph was abused and ridiculed by his brothers, and every one of the disciples was persecuted for their faith. Even Christ was crucified.

Should we expect success without discomfort?

Pastor George Pearsons Quotes: Money vs Vision

"Money is no object where vision is in place. God is right on time! I see visual. I am a visionary! 50,000 seat auditorium.I see a Prosperity Center with multiple voices going out.

We started with Believers Voice of Victory. MORE needs to go out! I see a Bible school on campus. Citation 10 Plus! The Lord has stirred that back up. He said to press that back in.

Looking at international aircraft that can take TEAMS. The prophet put a challenge out to believe God for the budget for the year long assignments and vision we have.

I am not carrying this by myself. I want a team with faith agreement and NOTHING is impossible! Time is passed where we do one project at a time.

I believe multiple concurrent projects can take place. I believe it can be done. Are you ready to take the vision?! I am. I have my faith back in gear." 
-- Pastor George Pearsons

Thursday, June 23

Volcano Prophecy: End of Days Yellowstone Volcano Prophesied in Zechariah

Experts are concerned that recent signs of increased seismic activity in Yellowstone National Park could be the prelude to a massive eruption that, even by conservative estimates, would have global implications, including nationwide food shortages. A Jerusalem Kabbalist explains how this was prophesied in the Bible to be a painful but necessary part of the Messianic process.

“The entire world will see earthquakes and eruptions in the end of days.”

Read More: End of Days Yellowstone Volcano Prophesied in Zechariah

John Hagee 2016 Quotes - ‎Daily Devotion‬

What are you enduring today? Christ endured the Cross. He endured temptation to call 10,000 angels to rescue Him from the worst kind of torture any human could possibly imagine. That is how great His love is for you. No matter your challenge, stay focused on the Cross. It will be the moral compass that will guide and provide, leading you down the narrow path to life everlasting.

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A degree in Biblical Literature exposes students to a comprehensive spectrum of hermeneutical and exegetical perspectives, tools and methods so that they can interpret the Bible responsibly and perceptively within a theological-historical framework.

Love the Bible? Develop an understanding of various perspectives in Biblical Literature.

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Wednesday, June 22

Joshua Garza , 6-year-old boy asks to pray with St. Pete police officers

POWER OF PRAYER- Six-year-old Joshua Garza took a moment after having breakfast with his mom to say 'thank you' to three officers by saying a prayer with them. Joshua's mother says, "He's a big prayer warrior"!

Write "Amen" if you believe in the power of prayer no matter what your age! Do you have a prayer request? Let us pray with you!

A little boy in St. Petersburg took a moment after having breakfast with mom to stop and say a prayer with St. Petersburg police officers.

Read More: 6-year-old boy asks to pray with St. Pete police officers


Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist Finds Proof 'God' Created the Universe

Highly regarded theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has created a stir in the scientific community by saying he believes there is evidence that the universe was created by a higher intelligence and not by accident.

Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the highly regarded String Field Theory, has created a stir in the scientific community.

World-Renowned Scientist Finds Proof 'God' Created the Universe


Tuesday, June 21

James MacDonald , Jack Graham and Greg Laurie Met with Donald Trump in New York.

Met with Donald J. Trump today, along with several of my favorite Christian leaders, including Jack Graham and Greg Laurie. Loved the way the gospel and concerns of Christ followers were spoken to him and how he listened. ‪#‎thanksfortheprayers‬‪#‎inGODwetrust‬

Details of Donald Trump Meeting With Evangelicals in New York

From Rev Franklyn Graham.

I’ve been in New York this morning to attend a meeting organized by Dr. Ben Carson and others who invited Donald J. Trump to speak to evangelical Christian leaders from across the country. Governor Mike Huckabee was moderator and Mr. Trump answered questions on a wide range of issues. Dr. James Dobson asked the first question–he asked Mr. Trump what he would do concerning religious liberty issues. Mr. Trump said the number one thing he could do for religious liberty would be to appoint great Supreme Court justices and he reminded everyone that the next president could appoint up to five Supreme Court justices. That's incredibly important for the future of our nation. Ronnie Floyd, the past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, asked what he would do to address poverty, crime, and racial tensions. Mr. Trump said that he felt like the best thing he could do would be to create jobs for Americans and that would have a great impact. David Jeremiah asked how Trump would support Israel. Mr. Trump said that Israel is our number one friend in the Middle East and that the Iran deal was a disaster–he said he would stand with Israel. Others ask good questions as well, and we prayed together for America.

This year’s election is critical for our nation—we’re at a turning point. I’m not endorsing any candidates, but I am going to all 50 states holding prayer rallies with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ‪#‎DecisionAmericaTour‬. Thousands in every state have come out to their capitol to stand together in prayer for their state and for the nation. Our only hope is God.

Kenneth Copeland Southwest Believers' Convention, July 4-9, 2016

Join us for the biggest FAITH event of the year! With 6 days and 7 speakers, this is the perfect opportunity to get away, connect with God and other like-minded believers, and get your breakthrough!

Southwest Believers' Convention, July 4-9, 2016

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Ministries of Francis Frangipane Quotes

Jesus said that the works He did, we would also do (John 14:12). We assume the word "works" means "miracles," but this word (Gk: Ergon) meant “business, employment, that which any one is occupied … enterprise, undertaking” (Strong’s #2041).

Because Jesus would dwell in His disciples, He is saying that as we attend to Him, His actual life would reanimate through us.

Yes, that includes miracles, but it also includes the less popular works that Jesus did, such as nights in prayer, self-denial, times of fasting, loving sinners, carrying a cross and possessing moment by moment dependency upon G

Monday, June 20


1. Drink lots of water - Because the stronger part of your body will collect the water from the weaker parts of your body thereby causing ailments... drink water
2. Sleep very well - The less sleep you have the more your body becomes weaker... it will start with your sight getting weak....If you don't sleep, your eyes get weaker..... 
3. Exercise your eyes - Your eyes needs exercise... create time to exercise the muscles of your eyes... look @objects at far distances and near to exercise the muscles of your eyes.... Start exercising your eyes, start learning to look @ distance objects...
4. Learn to use words correctly....speaking the right words is not prayer. It's a lifestyle
Christ Embassy.Org Online Missions's photo.

Pastor Steven Andrew Prayer for our Government

Father, You are good. Christians have the Holy Spirit, God's wisdom, Christian love, honesty and Your favor. We want a Christian government. We repent of turning to the world. As Judges 3:9 says we cry out for Christian leaders to immediately replace those disobeying You. In Jesus' name. AMEN + SHARE
Pastor Steven Andrew's photo.

Judy Jacobs Quotes

"Two are better than one, because they have a good (more satisfying) reward for their labor; for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, then they have warmth; but how can one be warm alone? And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not easily broken." Ecc. 4:9-12 amp
Covenant Relationships are so important to live every day of your life....
1) Make an investment in them.
2) In order to have yourself friendly .
3) Reach out to someone who is also alone...
4) Find a true prayer partner
5) Forgive
6) Guard yourself against strife
7) Allow the Holy Spirit to be the threefold
8) Continue to add to your relationships
9) Only safe place to find these ppl is in a good local, Bible-believing church
Happy Monday!!!!!


SOMETHING IS FISHY: It was said that there may have been more then one person involved with the Orlando shooter at the night club, as some survivors said one man was trying to block exits to prevent people from getting out. 

These persons, I received this information from, wish to remain anonymous, but said there is a hospital in Orlando treating two men who are believed to have assisted the gunman in the club, making it possible 3 people were actually involved. 

The audio of the 911 calls are being released; however, the Obama administration has heavily edited them to remove any words using "Islam or Islamic" from them (even though the gunman said he was doing this for ISIS). 

Also, Obama has and will permit 1 million foreign Muslim refugees to enter the U.S. attempting to relocate them in areas where there are strong conservative Christian beliefs, while he has willfully ignored the plight of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. This begs the question, why is he so protective in every way of Muslims, and not as protective of Christians, as many Christians in Syria have been slain, beheaded and forced from their homes? I believe I know the reason and years ago when I wrote Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue, that was released in 2009, I revealed that a key to his actions was linked to his person "seal" (the 0 emblem with the sun rising). 

My early research has come full circle and now many who mocked my research are coming back and saying, "You hit it on the head." I feel pity for any religious or ethnic group being persecuted, however in this case one side is being favored and the other is being ignored. Pray for the persecuted people in the world. (For information that I will not post on social-media, call our office for the Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue book). Some posts are being removed if they report to much inside information, (VOE office number is: (423-478-3456).

Justice Dept. reverses course on redacting transcript of Orlando gunman

Did they think the American people were idiots? Did Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration really think they could get by with scrubbing the transcripts of the Orlando shooter’s 911 calls to remove references to Islam? Congrats to Speaker Paul Ryan for insisting on the full transcript. He said, “Selectively editing this transcript is preposterous.

We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS. We also know he intentionally targeted the LGBT community. The administration should release the full, unredacted transcript so the public is clear-eyed about who did this and why.” This administration has long gone out of its way to give Islam a pass and deny their murderous intent.

President Barack Obama, don’t try to rewrite the narrative on the ‪#‎Orlandoshooting‬. Islam’s Koran spells out very clearly their hatred for gays, Christians, and Jews. That’s the truth, read it for yourself.

Read More :   Newly released transcripts: 'I am in Orlando, and I did the shootings' Orlando shooter claims responsibility in 911 callsUSATODAY.COM

Sunday, June 19

Obituary: Blanca Lainez, Police release ID of woman found dead in Eastie garage

The woman found dead with a “bloody face” in East Boston this week has been identified by police as 19-year-old Blanca Lainez.

Lainez was found Wednesday morning in a garage surrounded by construction materials on Princeton Street with traumatic injuries.

Read More : Police release ID of woman found dead in Eastie garage


Saturday, June 18



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Renee Swope : Do you ever feel like your thoughts are distracted

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are distracted or your words are disjointed when trying to pray?
Years ago, I remember feeling like I didn't know how to pray, so I didn’t pray very often. I just didn't know what to say to God. I wanted my prayers to be powerful, and I wanted faith to believe God was big enough and cared enough to accomplish what I was asking for.
One day, a friend told me about the power of making the words that we read in the Bible into a prayer. She said when we pray using God's own words, we pray for what He wants. I really liked that idea and it gave me a sense of direction.
Then I remembered that the Bible says the words we read in it are alive and active. So, I knew that when I use words from the Bible as a guide for my prayers, I can expect God’s words to become active in the lives I’m praying for, including mine.
Renee Swope
Proverbs 31 Ministries's photo.

This map of "Jerusalem in the time of Jesus" is fascinating.

This map of "Jerusalem in the time of Jesus" is fascinating.
Holy Land of Zion's photo.

Cornell astronomers think signals from earth may contact aliens

Do secular news outlets mock astronomers saying aliens will contact us in 1,500 years? But creationists get mocked often. Secularists mock at Christians for proclaiming truth of Creator God but often applaud Cornell astronomers looking for non-existent aliens.
Cornell astronomers think signals from earth may contact aliens --meanwhile millions from earth contact God each day as He hears their prayers. And Cornell Astronomers say aliens will take another 1,500 years to contact us -- they need to listen instead to God who contacts us through His Son and His Word.
Secularists admit there's no evidence for aliens, but will waste $100 million looking for them anyway -- I say read the Bible, freely available on the web, and learn the truth. Cornell astronomers don't need to look for intelligent life in outer space -- they need to look at God's Word for the truth of their origins.
Secularists put their faith and trust in naturalism and non-existent aliens -- it's their religion to justify to themselves their rejection of God. They would put trust in aliens they've never seen or heard, but reject God who gave us His Word and His Son and created all things.

Friday, June 17

Discover how to rewire your brain for perpetual goal achievement?

Want to discover how to rewire your brain for perpetual goal achievement?

After working with over 10,000 athletes along with advising self-made billionaires, I've discovered that the world's highest achievers have a specific "Brain Cycle" that allows them to continually achieve whatever they set out to do and get up to 4x the return on their effort. 
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The key shift that quadrupled the world's highest achievers' results by doing the same work…just differently. This is what separates the successful & unsuccessful in business.

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Thursday, June 16

Obituary : Erin McCleskey , Austin woman attacked and killed by multiple dogs.

An Austin woman was found dead after being attacked by several dogs. The woman has been identified by the Travis County Sheriff's Office as 36-year-old Erin McCleskey. According to Animal Protection, the dogs involved appear to be Lab/Great Pyrenees mixes and two of the dogs appear to be a husky/Australian cattle dog mix.

It appears Erin McCleskey was visiting the residence on a business related matter and entered the front gate of the property where she was attacked by the animals.

Read More : Austin woman attacked and killed by multiple dogs.

Wednesday, June 15

Noor Zahi Salman knew of "husband" Mateens planned attack that killed 49 in Orlando

Noor Zahi Salman knew of "husband" Mateens planned violence. The 30 year old drove with him to pick up ammunition and a holster, and drove him to Pulse nightclub to case the business. Distance from Mateen's home in Port St. Lucie Florida to Orlando is 125 miles, a 1 hour 45 minute drive during light traffic. Common sense would tell us that Mateen would not make a regular habit of driving to the night club in Orlando, drink a lot and then drive back home for nearly 2 hours on a regular basis, as some club goers are stating that he was there often. It is not logistically probable that someone would spend 4 hours driving and 3 to 5 hours clubbing on a regular basis. (That would be a 9 hour night).

Monday, June 13

Raw Video Footage: 50 dead in Orlando gay club shooting suspect is Omar Mateen - BBC News

‪‎Pray For Orlando‬

"All people, regardless of sexual orientation, have the absolute right to be secure and live safely in the United States of America." - Gordon Robertson

Our prayers go out to the victims and their families. On this day, please reach out to a colleague, neighbor, friend or family member that may be living in the homosexual lifestyle and remind them that they are not alone by speaking love, solidarity and hope into their lives. ‪#‎PrayForOrlando‬

Sunday, June 12

Islamic extremist' shoots dead at least 50 at Florida gay club.

Hate is never an answer, how can one justify such a horrid act. A guy rapes a girl who is not conscience and gets six months because she can't remember, and some people think that her intoxication justifies such a violation. But by that standard if you are drunk it's okay for someone to rob you? It's okay to be taken advantage of when you are unaware. If you think so, then you are worse than someone who mistakenly drank too much. This guy was homophobic and fears something that has nothing to do with him. So his answer is to kill what he cannot understand. By this standard, we have the right to kill others because they are not like us? So does that give them the right to kill us because we are not like them? Where does this logic end? We are by all accounts the caretakers of this world. And look at how we take care of it. By pointing the finger at someone, rather than looking at ourselves. This man killed gay people because he saw it as a threat, so his answer was to become a threat himself. If anyone agrees with this action, you need to look at yourself. We are all in the same boat here, your religion, beliefs, values or whatever should never let you feel like you are superior to others. If so, then you think you are God because you feel like you have a right to judge. We can't see all the things another person is going through, we can't even figure ourselves out. So what right do we have to judge? Like Jesus said, "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Instead have compassion for others because we are all in the same boat here. We are all trying to find ourselves in this crazy world. It takes more character to be understanding than to allow your fears to understand for you. Sad. So sad.

Saturday, June 11

Elementary school sends deputy to boy’s home to warn him about sharing Bible verses

Can you believe this? An elementary school in California sent the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to the home of a 7-year-old student last week to forbid him from handing out Bible verses to his classmates! Christina Zavala, the boy’s mother, packed Bible verses in her son’s lunch—Way to go mom! When his friends asked for verses for themselves, she began sending more! When the school found out, they asked the boy to stop sharing the verses using the all too common “separation of church and state” excuse. The Sheriff’s Dept. said, “someone might be offended.” Shame on them! What happened to freedom of speech and religion? They should applaud, not punish, children doing good things that can help others. When I was very young, my mother had me memorize this verse about the Word of God, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). That’s a truth every kid—and every adult—needs to know!

Let's encourage this mother and her son in the comments below and remember them in prayer.

A California elementary school has been accused of violating a 7-year-old boy’s First Amendment rights after school officials reportedly dispatched a sheriff’s deputy. Read More : Elementary school sends deputy to boy’s home to warn him about sharing Bible verses: Report


Thursday, June 9

Throwback Pictures of Mohammad Ali and Billy Graham

Two champions had their last meeting in Louisville, KY, in June, 2001. Billy Graham was there to preach and Muhammad Ali was in town for another engagement and they were staying at the Grand Hotel in downtown Louisville. Evangelist Billy Graham was a champion for the souls of men and Muhammad Ali was a champion of the boxing ring. This wasn’t the first time the two had gotten together. They first met when Ali came to Billy Graham's’ NC home in 1979. 

After that meeting he said, “I’ve always admired Mr. Graham, I’m a Muslim and he’s a Christian, but there is so much truth in the message he gives, Americanism, repentance, things about government and country–and truth. I always said if I was a Christian, I’d want to be a Christian like him.” Ali said, “he leads people to God. I look up to him.” 

Billy Graham always hoped Ali would give his life to Christ. I’ve wondered if he put his faith and trust in Christ before he slipped into eternity. I sure hope so. Islam’s Muhammad can’t save you, only Jesus Christ can save.

‪#‎tbt‬ ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬

Muslims ATTACK Waitress on French Riviera for “SERVING ALCOHOL”

Will the media say she deserved it because she was "taunting Muslims"?
One of the Muslims yelled, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself serving alcohol in the Ramadan period.’ “If I was Allah, I would have hung you.”

Muslims are the first immigrant group to come with a ready-made model of society and governance that they believe superior to Western secular pluralism. They’re determined to replace the one with the other whatever way possible - through men, media, money and violence.

A waitress in a cafe in central Nice has filed a police complaint after she was allegedly assaulted by two men because she refused to “stop serving alcohol”

Read More : Muslims ATTACK Waitress on French Riviera for “SERVING ALCOHOL” | Pamela Geller


Wednesday, June 8

Marvin L. Winans Sr. Quotes:often we find ourselves concerned with what others think about us 

Acts 12:11 says "And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews."

Own your expectations! So often we find ourselves concerned with what others think about us that we spend very little time with what we expect from ourselves. Expectation is a very powerful word. According to the Oxford dictionary it means "to have a strong belief that something will happen." People spend millions of taxpayers dollars to give you an expectation of you. From how long you will live to the quality of your life. Whether or not you will graduate from college to how much money you will earn in your lifetime. But, your expectation is as individual as your fingerprint. Stop allowing others to manage your expectation. Peter when he had come to himself was not only delivered from the prison but from the expectations of all the people. So whatever you do OWN your expectations!

Monday, June 6

Franklin Graham on Muhammad Ali's Visits With Billy Graham After Conversion to Islam

"Muhammad Ali's father brought him to visit my father Billy Grahambecause he was concerned over Ali's faith in Islam and was afraid that his son had been led astray." - Franklin Graham

19 girls burned alive in Muslim sex-slave horror

Of all the atrocities committed by ISIS, this just might be the most horrific of all. Kidnapped girls and women caged like animals and then set on fire for refusing to have sex with their Islamic captors.

Newest Islamic atrocity carried out as 'hundreds of people watching'

Read More: 19 girls burned alive in Muslim sex-slave horror


Pastor John Hagee Quotes June 2016

Christians will not be able to change anything unless we change ourselves. We must demonstrate to society that we have something they want, something they are missing.

We must convey to the world that Christianity is not something to be endured, but something to be treasured. With the current moral climate in the world today, people should be standing in line to get into church.

We need to give them a reason to do so. We must change our lives to reflect Christ in us, let our light shine, and change the world. - Pastor John Hagee

Meet Dr. Erin Wolff, an assistant clinical investigator in the Unit on Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine

Meet Dr. Erin Wolff, an assistant clinical investigator in the Unit on Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Wolf’s research involves studying ovarian stem cells and contributes to finding new ways to help women with infertility. She sees patients at the NIH Clinical Center. Video courtesy of LabTV.

Read More : At the NIH Clinical Center: Dr. Erin Wolff is finding ways to help women with infertility

Study shows how air pollution fosters heart disease

A major, decade-long study of thousands of Americans found that people living in areas with more outdoor pollution —even at lower levels common in the U.S. — accumulate deposits in the arteries that supply the heart faster than do people living in less polluted areas.

A major, decade-long study of thousands of Americans found that people living in areas with more outdoor pollution —even at lower levels common in the U.S. — accumulate deposits in the arteries that supply the heart faster than do people living in less polluted areas.

The study was funded by NIEHS.


The Nazareth Inscription is a evidence of Christ’s Resurrection

The Nazareth Inscription is a powerful piece of extrabiblical evidence that Christ’s Resurrection was already being proclaimed shortly after He was raised.

The Nazareth Inscription is a powerful piece of extrabiblical evidence that Christ’s Resurrection was already being proclaimed shortly after He was raised.

Read More: Even Caesar Confirmed the Resurrection


Sunday, June 5

Ron Phillips revelation about prospering through covenant relationship with God . 

Now on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, God imparted to Ron Phillips the Old Testament mysteries concerning the patriarch Isaac, King David and the Gentile King Hiram. Find out the ancient keys these three men learned and how they prospered through their experiences with the covenant God of Abraham: 

God gave Ron Phillips revelation you want to know about prospering through covenant relationship with the God of Abraham. Read More: Ron Phillips says we need to know what Isaac, David and King Hiram knew.


Is Marriage Just a Piece of Paper

In the past few decades, the option of living together, rather than moving into a formal marriage contract, has proliferated in our culture. Christians must be careful not to establish their precepts of marriage (or any other ethical dimension of life) on the basis of contemporary community standards. - Read R C Sproul's insights on marriage.

Obituary: Charles Decatur (C.D.) Brooks (1930-2016)

Please keep the family of CD Brooks in your prayers. Early this morning Elder Brooks took his last breath and is now sleeping until the resurrection when he will be reunited with all those that he introduced to Jesus.

I do not exaggerate when I say that Charles Decatur (C.D.) Brooks (1930-2016) lived one of the more important lives in the salvation history of this world. I was privileged to write his biography three years ago, and after spending dozens of hours interviewing him, I can say that I have never met a person with such a combination of integrity, warmth, kindness, and genuine love for souls and the truth. The image below is a link to a web area about Elder Brooks, with a sketch of his life and photographs.

Please keep the Brooks family, especially Walterene, Elder Brooks' beloved wife of almost 64 years, in your prayers.


Muslims Turn To Christ In Unprecedented Numbers Pt 1

“I was sleeping and all of a sudden I saw Jesus Christ in white. He said ‘I am Christ. You will have a beautiful daughter.’ I was eight months pregnant, and a month later we received our beautiful daughter.” At about the same time the husband had a dream, too. “I saw Jesus Christ. He was dressed in white. He said to me ‘I am your Savior. You will follow me.’”

The Islamic State has been filling the headlines for a long time and filling the hearts of many people in the Middle East with fear.

Read More: Muslims Turn To Christ In Unprecedented Numbers Pt 1 | Stories


Irving Baxter North Cities Sanctuary hold our first worship service at 10:00 AM in the new gymnasium

North Cities will hold our first worship service at 10:00 AM in the new gymnasium TOMORROW!

Watch the time-lapse video of our 23,000 square foot, multi-purpose building being built in less than 3 minutes at…/expansion-project-building-wi…/.


From $4.5 Billion To Nothing: Forbes Revises Estimated Net Worth Of Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes

Forbes listed Elizabeth Holmes as #1 on their list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women last year with a net worth of $4.5 billion. Last week, Forbes lowered their estimate of her net worth to nothing. That was a quick turnaround! But in reality, those dollars aren’t what ultimately matters. What’s most valuable is her soul. All the wealth and power a person could possibly gain doesn’t even compare to the value of their soul. A human soul exists for eternity, and Jesus said, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). God puts the ultimate value on a soul; so much, that He sent His Son to earth to redeem our souls from the penalty of sin with his blood. Jesus carried our sins to the cross, died, was buried, and rose again on the third day—all because of His great love for us. The Bible says, “knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold … but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” (1 Peter 1:18-19). Did you know that you had such an incredibly valuable net worth?.



Saturday, June 4

Tribute to Muhammad Ali by Bishop T.D Jakes

The “Champ,” the one that my generation called, “The Greatest,” a boxer extraordinaire, social commentator, a hero to many, a bigger than life icon whose athletic prowess set an entirely new paradigm has passed away. I will always remember meeting him in Beverly Hills. He teasingly made as if he were boxing me in the ring! We both laughed, talked briefly and I blinked, and he was gone before I could say another word!

Muhammad Ali’s fearlessness showed not only in the ring but in his willingness to stand for what he believed in – no matter the cost. He stood tall, unafraid and unashamed of displaying his immense talents on the world’s largest stages.

He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee and laid out many an insurmountable foe. We won’t soon forget his cultural impact and importance at a time that heroes were in short supply.

In this time of sorrow, we pray for his wife, family and friends as well as the legions of fans around the world who mourn the passing of this historic figure. Sadly, we blinked and he was gone!

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Obituary: Emma Shaffter, 70, was pronounced dead on the scene near the intersection of U.S .Highway 95

Woman killed in three-vehicle crash in Southeast Las Vegas identified : The woman who died in a three-vehicle crash Wednesday night has beenidentified by the Clark County coroner’s office. Henderson resident Emma Shaffter, 70, was pronounced dead on the scene near the intersection of U.S .Highway 95 and Flamingo Road’s northbound off-ramp. Another driver failed to stop for a red light and struck her Toyota Camry, the Nevada Highway Patrol said. - source:

Obituary: Arma Ann Roush, Police ID woman found dead in NC deep freezer

Arma Ann Roush, 75, has been identified as the woman found inside the chest freezer on May 27 at an apartment

Police have identified the woman found dead in a freezer that a woman had purchased for $30 from her neighbor in early May.


GOLDSBORO, N.C. – Goldsboro Police have identified the woman found dead in a freezer that a woman had purchased for $30 from her neighbor in early May. 

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Joseph Prince : Take a moment to pray this prayer

Take a moment to pray this prayer:

"Lord Jesus, because You love me, You have provided everything I need through the cross. I have Your abundant life. I have Your divine health, and I have Your unmerited favor. I thank You for Your victory to reign over every area of my life, and I receive every blessing You have for me today. Amen."

Friday, June 3

Lone star is the culprit in an increasing number of meat allergy cases in children and adults

An aggressive tick called the lone star is the culprit in an increasing number of meat allergy cases in children and adults. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi Pritt shows you what a lone star tick looks like and explains how its bite can cause an allergic reaction to meat. 

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Wondering if you should go to the doctor for common aches and pains? Dr. Natalie Azar weighs in.

Wondering if you should go to the doctor for common aches and pains? Dr. Natalie Azar weighs in.

It's so easy to put your body on the back burner because you're too busy to deal with it - but these are a few symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

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School sends sheriff to order child to stop sharing Bible verses | Fox News

A public school principal sent a deputy sheriff to the home of a 7-year-old -- and ordered the child to stop reading Bible verses that his mom placed in his lunch bag.

A public school in California ordered a 7-year-old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch – and they dispatched a deputy sheriff to the child’s home to…

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Thursday, June 2

Egypt King Tutankhamun's Dagger Was Literally Out Of This World

King Tut’s dagger was from outer space. No, really. Blade made from iron from a meteorite, long before the “Iron Age.” (It’s not the only weapon/artifact made of meteoric metal in the ancient world, but still, so cool for the Tut.) And you know what else can blow your mind, the hieroglyphs meaning “iron of the sky” appear about the same time on tablets, i.e. the Egyptians knew the meteoric metal came from the heavens. Sometimes life sounds so like science fiction. Don’t you love it?

Often scientific papers have rather plain, jargon-heavy titles, but every now and then, one appears and proves to be a glorious exception to this.

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Denmark to declassify transsexualism as a mental illness.

Children as young as 6 years of age would be allowed to make such a choice, as long as both parents agree. Individuals would not be required to undergo any physical transformation, surgeries or lengthy hormone treatment.

Denmark is set to become the first country in the world to declassify transsexualism as a mental illness.

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United Kingdom WCS With Pastor Chris 2016

The Man of God Pastor Chris in the UK already!
The whole of Europe will definitely not remain the same again because the Holy Spirit has take over.Glory to God!

Attend the Worship & Communion Service with Pastor Chris @ The O2 Arena, London, Sunday 5th of June 2016 @16:00 GMT+1
or you can click on to register & participate online. God bless yo